September 2, 2020 – Duration: 21:21

S1 Ep. 6 Exploring the four waves of AI

Companies embarking on a digital transformation are using artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand and personalize customer interactions at scale. But AI has the potential to do so much more. In this episode, Sergio Coretti, Vice President of Business Consulting Sergio, describes the four waves of AI. He breaks down the technology into levels of capabilities, outlines which wave we're in now and explores where we’re heading. This episode will help you understand the data needed to create a solid foundation now — and explain how to build on it for the future.



Sergio Coretti

VP, Business Consulting

Sergio is the Head of Strategic Business Consulting at Genesys and an active member of Singularity University. He has been helping companies evolve, reinvent, and transform over the course of 25 years, with a focus on innovative business models driven by exponential technologies. During the last 10 years he has worked on branded-pleasure experience design, digital transformation and artificial intelligence to drive brand empathy, trust and loyalty. It is his passion to be an advocate of identifying, supporting and cultivating the leaders of the future.

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