July 22, 2020

S2 Ep. 19 Leadership through crisis: Allyship in action

During his decades as a leader in the IT space, Don Neault has been fighting alongside those who face systemic oppression in the workplace. Today, as the CEO and founder of Neault Coaching and Consulting, Don helps individuals and organizations better understand the role of an ally — and what it means to take on the struggle of others as your own. In this third and final episode of our series about leading through crisis, hosts Nathan Bennett and Mari Yamaguchi explore what true allyship in action looks like and what it means to put your privilege on the line to amplify the voices of the oppressed.



Don Neault

Executive Coach and Consultant, Neault Coaching and Consulting

Don is currently in private practice as an executive coach and consultant. Drawing upon his expertise in assessing talent, his respectful candor and his experience with globally diverse talent ultimately enables Don to help these talented professionals to see their future and plan their growth. He is especially gifted in assisting in the development of early in career, women and other diverse hi-potential talent seeking to maximize their career progression and navigate corporate environments. Don has been recognized as a leader throughout the industry for developing women and minorities and assisting them in dealing with the unique situations they face.

Don’s skills were developed and enhanced through a 40-year leadership career working in and with a variety of Fortune 100 firms. In each case, he has driven a culture focused on client satisfaction along with achieving revenue and profitability growth. Don is known for his collaborative and inquisitive style, calm demeanor, and focus on results.