May 13, 2020

S2 Ep. 16 Leadership in crisis: Knowing where the battle should be

Dr. Woody Myers is no stranger to leading during times of fear and uncertainty. In 1985, he was appointed Indiana’s State Health Commissioner and quickly became one of the most recognizable voices of reason during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Today, Dr. Myers is pursuing yet another daunting role: He’s running for Governor of Indiana. Join hosts Nathan Bennett and Mari Yamaguchi as they welcome Dr. Myers back to the podcast to discuss his plan for guiding Indiana through the current health crisis. As both a physician and a politician, Dr. Myers offers a unique perspective on leadership during challenging times. We invite you to take a moment and listen.



Dr. Woody Myers

Candidate, Governor, State of Indiana

Dr. Woodrow (Woody) Myers is a third-generation Hoosier, a physician, health care leader (former Indiana State Health Commissioner), business owner, and Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor. Myers has used his experience in recent years as a health care consultant advising not-for-profit organizations, as well as large health care companies on improving their products and services for the benefit of patients.