August 16, 2021 – Duration: 21:24

S2 Ep. 3 Meet your customers on their preferred channels

The digital world moves fast, with new channels popping up and capabilities evolving constantly. As your customers adopt these new communication options, their behaviors change — and so do their expectations. In this episode, Katie Ritz, Senior Director of Product Management for the Genesys Cloud platform, offers her insights into how contact centers can adapt to the changes and still deliver an outstanding customer experience. The bottom line: Meet customers where they want to be. And that means more than just showing up on the right channels. You also need the right technology. With rich media, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bots and predictive engagement, you can deliver on customers’ expectations for speed, convenience and empathy on every channel they choose.



Katie Ritz

Senior Director, Product Management

Katie has showed above­-and-beyond commitment in leading efforts to release the right product/platform enhancements, which helped bring our hybrid strategy to life. Her strong advocacy for empowering customers to embark on digital transformations has enabled more customers to migrate to our cloud technology: Genesys CloudTM. Her effort has turned strategic aspirations into true measurable sales success for the company.

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