December 14, 2022 – Duration 00:30:31

S3 Ep. 9 Supercharging your CX with the right apps

You’ve invested time and resources into selecting a customer experience (CX) platform that will empower you to deliver exceptional experiences for customers and employees. But no platform can fulfill every business requirement, unique use case or industry-specific process. To truly differentiate your CX and maximize the value or your tech, you’ll need to round out your capabilities with the right apps. Sam Rector, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Genesys, explains the strategic value of pairing a flexible CX platform with a robust marketplace of curated apps. This powerful combination offers turnkey innovation. Plus, you’ll hear expert guidance for evaluating an app marketplace.


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Sam Rector

Sam Rector

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Genesys

A filmmaker at heart, Sam has always been passionate about technology and storytelling. For the past eight years, he’s happily combined these two passions in Product Marketing, helping organizations around the world to transform their ERP systems, development processes, and now, customer experiences. At Genesys, Sam works closely with product teams to bring stories around the Genesys Cloud CX platform to life.