Modernizing the Government Contact Center: Three Practical Steps

Contact center modernization is a priority for many government agencies. But while agency leaders know they need to modernize, many don’t know how to begin. Government agencies may also be under the impression that contact center modernization is a massive, high-risk, all-or-nothing investment. But that isn’t the case.

Learn three practical steps agencies can take to begin a contact center modernization journey today. You’ll hear:

  • How to leverage existing technology and reduce costs while improving the citizen experience.
  • How to improve employee morale and engagement and lower attrition through workforce optimization.
  • Modernization in Practice: How the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles modernized their IVR and reduced contact center calls by 200,000 annually.

Meet the Speakers

Brendan mccarthy webinar image

Brendan McCarthy
VP, Sales and Solution Architect

Justin davis bmv webinar image

Justin Davis
Director, Contact Center Operations
Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles


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Live Assistance