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Destination CRM: Mobile Customer Service

The First Line of Service

By 2019, requests for customer support through consumer messaging apps will exceed requests for customer support through social media. A smart device is always within reach, so it’s not surprising that mobile messaging is one of the fastest growing support channels. Today’s consumers want hyper-personalized support with seamless omnichannel customer journeys that build lasting relationships.

Unfortunately, over 90 percent of adults polled reported having an unhappy experience while seeking support on their mobile devices. Clearly, work needs to be done to improve the mobile customer service channel, according to research commissioned by Software Advice.

Join experts from Genesys and Radial on this webinar and hear recommendations on how to utilize mobile self-service options to deliver quality interactions.

This webcast will cover these hot topics:

  • How to leverage the growth of mobile adoption for customer service
  • How to turn smart devices into a smart channel by using asynchronous messaging
  • How to combine artificial intelligence, bots, machine learning, and micro-apps to deliver personalized, proactive, and predictive experiences
  • How to allow your team to view the customer journey in real time from their mobile device
  • How to assess the latest trends in mobile chat vs. voice channel adoption

Meet the Speakers

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Ricardo Layun
VP, Customer Care Services, Radial

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Chris Connolly
VP, Solutions Strategy, Genesys


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