Genesys Webinar

The Dangers of Standing Still in the Contact Center

Keeping Pace with Changing Times featuring special guest speaker Melanie Turek, VP of Research, Frost & Sullivan

Modernizing the contact center is an exercise in future-proofing and accommodating the unknown. To remain competitive, your organization must be poised for change—with customer contact technologies synched to ever-shifting requirements.

This presentation addresses the disruptive and innovative effects that digital transformation has on the contact center and explores how best to keep up with the fast-paced world.

Key takeaways:

  • The effects that exponential technological change have on the contact center
  • Repositioning for the future so you can provide a great customer experience
  • Preparing for and shifting to an omnichannel future
  • Integrating digital channels and rolling out new solutions and functionalities
  • Creating an immersive experience

Meet the Speakers

Webinar turek melanie

Melanie Turek
Vice President, Research, Frost & Sullivan

Webinar wendy mikkelsen

Wendy Mikkelsen
Director of Product Marketing, Genesys


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