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Myth or Truth? Cloud’s misperceptions are vaporizing

Cloud technology is everywhere and continues to transform everyday lives and businesses. With new technology comes new challenges and misperceptions. Do you know the truth? Lets clear the air.

Join our myth-busting experts as they debunk myths and urban legends surrounding cloud contact center technology. Take a deep-dive to explore the truth in cloud security, complexity, and cost implications.

By joining, you will be able to:

  • Understand the truth about security implications of cloud technology and how most security breaches actually occur
  • Explore both sides of the complexity of moving to cloud technology
  • Know which costs to anticipate and avoid sketchy cost structures

Meet the Speakers

Chip mccoy

Chip McCoy
Global Technology Evangelist, Genesys

Webinar holly wheeler

Holly Wheeler
Cloud Ops Service Availability, Genesys

Webinar glenn nethercutt

Glenn Nethercutt
Chief Architect, Genesys

Webinar jarrod sexton

Jarrod Sexton
Lead Information Security Engineer Manager, Genesys


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