Analyst Webinar

Banking in the Age of FINTECH

May 30th 2018

Banking is facing a revolution of consumer demand and expectations that is disrupting traditional industry structures. In the decade since the emergence of the smartphone, a whole generation of Fintechs, armed with speed, data and a great customer experience (CX) have risen to change how consumers transact with financial services, challenging banks to transform and innovate in order to remain relevant in the evolving digital landscape.

Today, the rise of A.I and Blockchain signals another tectonic shift in the industry. How banks respond to these emerging technologies will determine how they compete in the years ahead. While the challenge can seem daunting, banks and FI’s can effectively compete by becoming more agile and re-focusing their business models to merge their inherent advantages with the best elements of Fintech innovation.

In this Genesys and Fintech Americas webinar, you will learn some insights into the market dynamics transforming the banking and financial services industry, including:

  • Market dynamics driving disruption.
  • Why business model innovation will be more important than technology.
  • How to develop transformation strategies and apply them to positively impact your customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

Meet the Speakers

Sebastian spagnuolo

Sebastian Spagnuolo
Director of Strategic Business Consulting for Latin America at Genesys

Ray ruga

Ray Ruga
Co-Founder Fintech Americas


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