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5 things to consider when building chatbots

Hear the Bosch success story



Keep your customers happy, avoid the avalanche of interactions across channels and lower your costs to serve by deploying chatbots as a powerful tool to answer rising expectations.

Learn to create chatbots that improve the customer experience, instead of increasing customer frustration. Meet your customers on every channel, at any time, without driving up costs or overwhelming your agents.

Join us to build a bot, use it right away and understand:

  • The business drivers for chatbots
  • How chatbots fit into your overall strategy
  • What we’ve learned from bad bots
  • Where bots add immediate value

Bosch needed to provide exceptional service to many internal departments and turned to chatbots to meet the volume of interactions. The departments didn’t just have unique needs, they also wanted to use different AI platforms; like IBM Watson, and Google DialogFlow. Learn how they integrated multiple Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies within a single platform and dynamically chose the best one based on the customer’s current journey. All while making this easy to deploy for each department — like never changing a line of code on the website, and seamlessly transitioning the interaction to a real, live agent if needed.

Meet the Speakers

Joe cuiffo webinar image

Joe Ciuffo
Product Marketing Director

Torsten moritz webinar image

Torsten Moritz
Service Owner Communication Systems
Bosch Service Solutions


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