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Delivers market-leading customer service

TXU Energy (TXUE) is the largest retail energy provider in Texas, serving 1.6 million customers. One of over 50 options that customers may choose from, TXUE operates in a deregulated marketplace that is highly competitive. TXUE is a dynamic, forward-thinking brand that is a thought leader in marketplace technology. With Genesys, they positioned themselves as the number one choice for Texans in the market. Today, TXUE relies on Genesys to help service existing customers, effectively sell to new customers and run their contact center more efficiently.

Prior to implementing multiple Genesys solutions, the complexity of the TXUE call center environment created significant challenges. The decentralized, multi-vendor architecture caused variety of issues such as: dropped calls, poor voice quality, data synchronization errors and poor reliability. Furthermore, accurate, detailed reporting of call center operations was lacking. In 2009, TXUE began a technology refresh to address these issues.

With the Genesys partnership, TXUE has realized significant operational efficiencies, including reduced complaints, more timely response to customers and reduced average handle time (AHT), all of which contribute to an improved experience that makes the customer feel unique and valued.


  • Reduced customer complaints, response
time and AHT
  • Gained ability to implement new call centers quickly
  • 40% reduction in costs
  • Achieved 99.98% uptime


  • Reduce complexity and synchronization issues
  • Improve uptime
  • Enhance customer interaction reporting
  • Future-proof platform to meet shifting needs

Genesys has helped us to be rock stars in our industry. We are on the leading edge of offering technical capabilities to meet our customer needs. In some cases, we’re three to four years ahead of our peers.

Tony Jurica, Senior Managing Architecht, IT Global Voice Networks, TXU Energy

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