Accelerating global expansion with cloud

South Korean network marketing giant Atomy unified its contact centers worldwide to simplify management and IT resources. Moving to the Genesys Cloud™ platform allowed Atomy to plan for its future expansion, deliver a consistent customer experience and improve agent efficiency.


customer satisfaction

Better visibility

into customer data

Reduced call

wait time


agent efficiency

Expanded global

contact center

By implementing Genesys Cloud, agents in Singapore and Malaysian offices were able to quickly transition to a remote environment during the COVID-19 lockdown.

— SungHoon Choi, IT Manager , Atomy

The network marketing disruptor

Atomy sells high-quality products at sustainable prices through distribution channels that compete with home shopping networks, department stores and online shops. It’s transforming network marketing by embracing disruptive technologies and driving innovation in its business processes. Founding Chairman Han-Gill Park describes its vision of the consumer-linked network marketing system in simple terms: “Absolute quality, absolute price.”

With annual revenues of $1.73 billion and 15 million global customers in 2020, Atomy wanted to streamline and transform its customer experience globally. It plans to expand the business to over 60 countries in the next decade.

“Our vision is to make sure that, no matter what country you’re in, you get a consistent high-quality customer experience,” said SungHoon Choi, IT Manager of Atomy.

Today, Atomy contact center callers include two distinct groups: registered sellers and online customers. Queries range from membership-related matters to product delivery and special promotions. Atomy needed to address the way customer inquiries are handled across 18 countries while unifying its disparate data collection.

Establishing a solid foundation

In its early days, Atomy could manage the needs of its sellers and customers. But, as the company struggled with siloed information, global expansion proved challenging. Each foreign office used a different customer engagement system; some offices had no solution at all. And while data was being collected, its breadth and depth varied by country.

Siloed systems made it difficult to measure the customer experience being delivered across the company. Atomy operates through a complex business model where both sellers and customers call into the same contact center. The company needed to capture a 360-degree view of these interactions.

To bridge the gap, Atomy required a global partner with expertise in supplementing an international delivery model. Because its existing platform and processes were inadequate, it needed to set a solid foundation with a flexible contact center platform that enables future growth. The new contact center solution also needed to support long-term plans for multiple-language hubs and the ability to scale operations.

Atomy found the right partner in Genesys with the all-in-one Genesys Cloud platform. “We decided to go with Genesys Cloud because it provides us with a single view of the customer, an elevated level of stability and efficient installation time while being cost-effective, scalable and compatible with third-party applications,” said Choi. “We introduced Genesys Cloud for the efficient collection and usage of different data.”

With Genesys Cloud, Atomy successfully moved away from manual data collection across different systems to an automated, singular data collection source. The platform gave Atomy better access to insights on its operational processes and caller analytics. And the cloud-based platform saved Atomy the effort and cost of setting up contact centers at its smaller offices.

Optimizing customer and employee journeys

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Atomy offices in Malaysia and Singapore were faced with a sudden lockdown. Employees in these offices needed to work remotely, but the old solution couldn’t support a remote working model. Implementing Genesys Cloud addressed this need using a WebRTC softphone. Agents just needed a decent web connection to make and receive calls.

“One thing for sure is that when we migrated to the cloud, employees did not feel lost or experience any inconvenience,” said Choi. “I believe that in itself is a success.”

Customers now can choose between voice phone calls and WebRTC, depending on their location. Through WebRTC, a customer can start a call in Singapore through their mobile device and, if the contact center is occupied, Atomy can redirect those calls to its headquarters in South Korea. This reduces wait time and improves agent efficiency.

Atomy is well positioned for growth, with building blocks in place for rapid global expansion. It plans to deploy an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot to deliver enhanced customer service and gain better visibility into customer journeys. The company envisions a personalized shopping experience that understands the intent of its website visitors.

We decided to go with Genesys Cloud because it provides us with a single view of the customer, an elevated level of stability and efficient installation time while being cost-effective, scalable and compatible with third-party applications.

— SungHoon Choi, IT Manager, Atomy

At a glance

Customer: Atomy

Industry: Retail

Location: South Korea

Company size: 100 agents


  • Siloed contact center platforms
  • Disparate data collection
  • Inconsistent delivery of its global customer experience
  • Unable to support remote agents