Meeting all customer experience needs with a flexible, scalable cloud solution

Separating from its parent company led Quicken to search for a solution that didn’t require constant hand-holding from IT. Moving to Genesys Cloud™ paid back in under three months with a 412% ROI. Along with greater productivity and reduced handle time, the business now benefits from an improved sales experience and lower operational costs.

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412% ROI

in less than 3 months


deployment cycle




reduction in average handle time

The greatest impact of the Genesys Cloud platform was how easily we could control the customer experience.

— Ian Roberts, Operations Leader, Quicken

Flexibility to meet changing needs with an easy-to-manage, cost effective solution

When Quicken Inc., was a unit of Intuit Inc., the personal finance software business could rely on dozens of IT professionals to deploy and customize their contact center solutions. But when they separated from Intuit in 2016, the company’s customer care team realized they needed their own contact center solution — one that didn’t require hand-holding from IT.

“We didn’t have the technology team to support customer care the way we were used to, like helping us with call routing, uploading IVRs or adding chat to our website,” said Ian Roberts, Operations Leader for Quicken.

The pressure was on. Quicken had a short timeframe in which to build out their customer support infrastructure, and the number one priority was speed. The company sought a flexible, scalable solution that could be deployed rapidly.

To fit their new style of doing business as a smaller, leaner company, Quicken also needed a cost-effective contact center solution that was easy to manage with minimal IT resources and could grow in line with the company’s future roadmap. They also needed to support emerging technologies; Roberts planned to add omnichannel features like screen sharing and chat to help agents provide faster, more effective service.

Rapid deployment with continuous feature delivery

After considering solutions from several providers, including Avaya, Quicken chose the Genesys Cloud platform, a public cloud solution that offers customer engagement, communications and collaboration functionality. The Genesys Cloud platform made it possible to achieve the rapid deployment Quicken needed.

“We’ve spent up to a year to deploy previous enterprise systems,” said Roberts. “We deployed the Genesys Cloud platform within two months, which was faster than we expected.”

Because the Genesys Cloud platform is based on a microservices architecture that runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud, it offered the reliability and flexibility Quicken needed to quickly and cost-effectively add services. In addition, the platform’s multi-tenant model translates to continuous feature delivery that doesn’t disrupt business.

The reliable, continuous delivery of new functionality — on flexible pricing with multi-year, annual and month-to-month subscription options — lets Quicken keep pace with customer demand and stay competitive in a cost-effective way. According to Roberts, the responsive and dedicated Genesys team played an important role throughout the pre-sales and deployment process.

“Genesys understood our business better than anyone else, and what it would take to delight our customers. In the beginning, we had hands-on, dedicated resources from the professional services team to help with implementation and to train us on everything Genesys Cloud. There was a personal touch that made us realize we had a true, long-term partner in Genesys.”

Adaptable contact center solution eliminates reliance on IT

“The greatest impact of the Genesys Cloud platform was how easily we could control the customer experience,” said Roberts. “We added new messages to our IVR in just a couple of minutes, which is something almost unheard of in our industry. And we did this without relying on IT experts.”

The platform already has proven itself as a modern contact center solution for today and the future. To enhance the quality of customer service, Quicken began using screen-sharing capability — critical functionality that the company would have had to license at a considerable expense if it weren’t included as part of the Genesys Cloud solution.

Agents can add screen share when handling voice or chat interactions, in order to gain a quick understanding of what the customer is experiencing and provide the right solution. “It has been so successful, we even incorporated it within the Quicken product,” said Roberts. “This has been a huge contributor in reducing average handle time over the past year from 31 minutes to 23 minutes on average per contact.”

“The real beauty of the Genesys Cloud platform is that it’s constantly incorporating the latest and greatest features,” added Roberts. “So, however customer expectations change, we can adapt — and do it quickly and cost-effectively.”

The all-in-one contact center platform also helped Quicken support seasonable business fluctuations cost effectively. “The pricing model for the Genesys platform has tremendously benefited us as a seasonal business,” said Roberts. “As we need to staff up or staff down, the platform is completely flexible, so we never have to worry about bandwidth or staffing issues.”

Impressive ROI and payback in under three months

As a cloud-based solution that requires minimal upfront capital, the Genesys Cloud platform delivered fast time to value — 412% ROI and payback in just under three months. By switching to Genesys, Quicken saved $65,000 in monthly fees to Intuit, plus the cost of an engineer to maintain network architecture and IVR technology. And productivity soared.

In the first year of using the Genesys Cloud platform, Quicken reduced average handle time by an astounding five minutes. Not only did this improve the sales experience for customers, but it also contributed to reduced costs for Quicken. In the end, the Genesys Cloud platform meets all current needs, while preparing Quicken for the future.

“The Genesys Cloud platform has given us super flexibility: We only pay for what we use now, and we can add users and innovative functionality immediately when we need it,” said Roberts. “In today’s digitally disruptive world—where customer service expectations are changing at lightning speed—this gives us a serious competitive advantage.”

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Customer: Quicken

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  • Eliminate the need for heavy IT support to manage customer experience
  • Quickly build out new customer service infrastructure
  • Offer all necessary functionality at a price that fits new budget