Winning the hearts of customers and sellers across thousands of islands

Tokopedia strengthened trust with its customers and sellers using the Genesys Cloud™ platform, ensuring its service quality was uninterrupted — and at the highest level — despite disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With greater scalability, flexibility, and reliability, Tokopedia is setting the gold standard in customer experience (CX) across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

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30% reduction

in repeat contacts

10% increase

in customer satisfaction (CSAT)

50% increase

in response within SLA rates


service levels


average handle time (AHT)

Greater service flexibility

reliability and scalability

Bridging businesses and communities

Tokopedia is in the business of people, and its continuous increase in online traffic proves its hypergrowth. As one of the biggest names in eCommerce, the Indonesia-based business is on a mission to democratize and empower commerce for everyone, everywhere, across the country.

“At Tokopedia, we believe that everyone should have equal access,” said Rudy Dalimunthe, Senior Vice President of Customer Excellence at Tokopedia. “Customers should have the same opportunity to buy at the same transparent price, and sellers should have the same opportunity to sell their products all across Indonesia.”

To do that, Dalimunthe and his team understood that users needed to trust that the Tokopedia platform could facilitate seamless interactions, experiences and transactions — or they would switch without hesitation. “For marketplace platforms like ours, the switching cost is very low,” said Dalimunthe. “If you cannot deliver the best customer experience before, during and after sales, people can move from one platform to another easily at no cost.”

The customization flexibility and the capability to go beyond the vendor and client relationship is something that’s very important for us as a business, and we found that in Genesys. That’s why I always consider the Tokopedia/Genesys relationship to be a strong strategic partnership.

Rudy Dalimunthe

Senior Vice President of Customer Excellence


But handling millions of users and over 11 million merchants in the world’s largest archipelago is a monumental task. With a legacy on-premises system that was unable to support its growing capacity, the Tokopedia team turned to Genesys. And with the Genesys Cloud platform, the eCommerce giant has scaled its communications, ensured reliability and provided flexibility in its telephony services — enhancing its foundational elements in delivering superior CX.

The competitive differentiation: customer experience

The primary reason customers and sellers keep coming back to Tokopedia is for its CX. “We are not known only for our technology or product, but also for our customer experience,” said Dalimunthe.

And the numbers speak for themselves: Tokopedia saw more than a 30% reduction in repeated contacts to its contact center and a 10% increase in its CSAT rates, which is a huge indication of its increased service levels.

With that also comes an increase in agent efficiency. The team saw a reduction in its AHT and an astounding 50% increase in response rate.

“For example, in 2020, a customer service agent could handle only six customer service tickets per hour,” said Dalimunthe. “But since we’ve implemented the Genesys solution, they can now handle more than 10 tickets an hour at a better-quality level. So, we’ve seen productivity skyrocket.”

Repeatedly, the Tokopedia team has proven that they set the gold standard in CX across APAC.

Delivering the best experience remotely

When you’re in the business of people and experiences, you don’t stop just because the world has. Understanding that customer and seller emotions would run at an all-time high due to sudden COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and limited mobility in the region, the eCommerce giant rolled out a 100% work-from-home capability, setting up over 1,000 agents to work from home with cloud-based office systems in just one week.

We want to offer the best experience for our customers. This means we had to work with the best service providers, including Genesys.

Rudy Dalimunthe

Senior Vice President of Customer Excellence


“What excites me about the future is there will be more automations for both our customers and service agents,” concluded Dalimunthe. “Especially with the strong partnership we have between Tokopedia and Genesys, it doesn’t matter where they are — they will be able to work effectively. So, I imagine that we will be able to deploy a hybrid workforce model to give our agents the flexibility they want to work at home or in the office — yet deliver service excellence regardless.”

A composable future

Tokopedia has huge partnership plans. Moving forward, it hopes to collaborate and leverage the composable nature of the Genesys Cloud platform to enhance its soft services and build in greater automation into its offerings — ensuring its top position in delivering a white-glove service experience that customers and sellers know and trust.

At a glance

Customer: Tokopedia

Industry: Ecommerce

Location: Indonesia

Company size: 6,000+ employees

Contact center: Over 1,000 customer-first squads


  • Legacy system and processes unable to support growing capacity
  • Unable to facilitate remote working
  • Lack of central information repository
  • Low agent response rate
  • High AHT
  • Need for continuous improvement and superb CX delivery
  • Downtime in service availability