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CarGarantie, a specialized business-to-business (B2B) insurance broker and service provider, switched to the Genesys Cloud™ platform in just six weeks to ensure sustainable quality in its customer service. The implementation enabled the company to resolve most customer requests within minutes. Genesys Cloud also meets its performance requirements in email processing and supports a mix of countries, languages and skills.


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All requirements


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Only Genesys was able to deliver everything we needed.

Christoph Schuler

Head of Operations

CarGarantie Courtage SARL

CarGarantie Courtage SARL, French subsidiary of CarGarantie, is a specialized B2B insurance broker and service provider dedicated to maximum quality. To sustainably ensure this quality in customer service, the company switched to Genesys Cloud.

With over 50 years of experience and around 200 million Euro premium income per year, as well as a market presence in 19 countries, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG (CarGarantie) is one of the leading specialist insurers of warranty and customer loyalty programs for new and used vehicles in Europe for the automotive brand trade. More than 40 manufacturers and importers and over 23,000 specialized branded car dealers trust in CarGarantie’s individualized warranty programs to add high service quality. As a reliable partner, CarGarantie focuses on stability and longevity.

CarGarantie Courtage customers benefit from immediate assistance

The company takes client concerns seriously from the first interaction. Household insurance policyholders are used to waiting several days for their claims to be approved. “Our goal, however, is to resolve any matter in minutes — a few hours at the most. We want to help car dealers immediately, not least because of the follow-up processes,” said Christoph Schuler, Head of Operations at CarGarantie Courtage SARL. “In case of a problem, the car dealership cannot afford to make the customer wait at the repair shop. Crucial questions regarding coverage or reimbursement amounts have to be answered by the garage on the spot.”

International service organization with advanced demands

To put this commitment into practice, CarGarantie Courtage needed a world-class contact center. This is especially true since CarGarantie Courtage operates in eight European markets with only seven agents. However, these agents have a very diverse skill set — speaking up to four languages and often covering multiple national markets. The agents leverage mechanics or engineering expertise to efficiently process customer requests that range from car dealer support to damage claims.

Several of these CarGarantie Courtage agents work from home. And once the current project is finalized, Schuler expects the number of remote employees to increase — with the total number of agents using Genesys Cloud rising tenfold to 70 or more.

The only platform to meet all requirements

Around 80% of customer requests reach CarGarantie Courtage via email, with the remainder submitted by phone. That’s why the company chose to invest in a high-performance omnichannel solution with the latest contact center technology. In this case, however, CarGarantie Courtage had an additional requirement to support contact routing processes that deviate from the classic skills-based model. The company uses group email accounts, which are handled by agents with the required language and technical skills. For each market, there are four accounts, dedicated to either claims management or customer service consolidated in the Operations department.

Although they shortlisted 12 technology providers, their final choice was clear.

“To support this mix of countries, languages and skills with a single solution — one that would also meet our performance requirements in email processing — was one of the biggest challenges in our search for a suitable contact center product,” said Schuler. “Only the Genesys solution was able to deliver exactly what we needed.”

Schuler describes choosing Genesys as the beginning of a “model, smoothly running project” with the help of their technology partner, Deliberate. The new solution went live in just six weeks, enabling CarGarantie Courtage to remain on schedule. Considering this, Schuler is highly satisfied with the implementation: “Whenever we encountered one of the few critical points, we worked with the experts from Deliberate to find a solution. That way, we managed to prevent any roadblocks.”

Clear path for the future

The successful start of the project set the tone for subsequent phases, which saw the company improve scalability, among other things. Scalability was an important goal for CarGarantie Courtage because Genesys Cloud will now be gradually extended. In the ramp-up process, the company will expand its portfolio from 11 to as many as 70 licenses.

For Schuler, this approach has significant advantages. “Thanks to the clear, transparent pricing structure of Genesys Cloud, we can prepare our budgets without problems and make sure the ramp-up process follows our business plan,” he said.

At the same time, Genesys Cloud enables CarGarantie Courtage to keep its contact center technology up to date. The insurer appreciates that the user community provides updates and that the implementation of upgrades is much quicker and easier with Genesys Cloud. With its old software, many changes involved time-consuming processes to adapt IT infrastructure and reprogram PBX system interfaces. The team also had to invest a lot of time and effort in the continuous integration of different national carriers. But now, there is no need for complex updates and upgrades.

Genesys Cloud even enabled CarGarantie Courtage to solve the technical and organizational challenge of automatically allocating emails to the right group accounts — instead of routing them to employees with a specific skill set — all within the parameters that management set. The new platform identifies each incoming request, accepts the email and assigns it like a call.

The comprehensive reporting Genesys Cloud provides is also well received. It calculates average response and processing times for email requests and tracks each forwarding of an incoming message, providing Schuler and his team with all the information they need to make informed scheduling decisions. “All in all, Genesys Cloud enables us to handle everything like calls,” said Schuler. “We especially love the reports.”

Hitting all target requirements

For Schuler, switching to Genesys has been a total success. “Given our requirements, an individual, customer-specific solution would surely have exceeded our budget,” he said. “Hence, we had to adapt our processes to the software — which was no problem at all due to the power of Genesys Cloud. You must purchase a good product if you want to meet all the requirements. Genesys Cloud delivers exactly what we expected from it. The system is really well thought out. And Deliberate has been a very professional and extremely competent partner at all times. It was magnificent teamwork.”

At a glance

Industry: Insurance broker and service provider

Location: France

Contact center: Up to 70 agents


  • International, multilingual project
  • Significant service quality and time requirements
  • Group allocation instead of skills-based routing
  • Fast, easy and transparent scalability