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Modivcare is a leading tech-enabled people-first healthcare provider of supportive care services focused on social determinants of health, including non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), personal care and virtual patient monitoring. Nearly 12 months since migrating to the Genesys Cloud™ platform and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to transform its contact centers, Modivcare has seen a 31% reduction in average speed of answer and abandonment rates; an 86% increase in teammate retention; and an 63% increase in the use of digital channels, which has further increased data security and member engagement.

150% revenue increase

from digital bookings

$17 million cost savings,

projected to rise to $50 million

86% increase

in employee retention

63% increase

in members using digital channels

4X increase

in monthly quality evaluations

31% reduction

in both average speed of answer and abandonment

We’re one of the first NEMT companies to leverage AI plus real-time data capabilities and analytics to ensure data security and quality performance at scale. This will be a difference maker for our members, granting them the access to care at the level that best serves them.

— Heath Sampson, President & CEO, Modivcare

Modivcare is one of the largest providers of non-emergent medical transportation, virtual patient monitoring and personal in-home care with more than 20,000 teammates working for the company.

Contact center transformation underpins the company’s goal of setting a new standard for member engagement and satisfaction in the NEMT industry, as it continues to drive efficiencies at its mobility care centers. The first step in the journey started by addressing the technological limitations of its current contact center system.

“As we looked to the future, we saw the constraints that hindered us from meeting our projected goals,” said Richard Kasper, Director, Voice User Interface at Modivcare. “IT tickets were escalating due to workforce management, virtual agent stability and performance issues. It was hard to outsource activities and maximize return on investment, which resulted in the potential for lost opportunities. Modivcare saw the importance of putting our member experience first, choosing to invest in cutting-edge technology.”

Nothing left to chance

In pursuit of a resilient cloud contact center platform, a thorough vendor selection process saw Modivcare evaluate offers from all the major players, along with other recent market entrants.

Modivcare won the 2024 EX Mobilizer award for the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards. Pictured from left to right: Janelle Dieken, SVP of Customer Advocacy at Genesys; Richard Kasper, Director of Voice User Interface at Modivcare; Brian Comer, Director of Telecommunications at Modivcare; Tony Bates, Chairman and CEO at Genesys; and Scott Cravotta, Chief Customer Officer at Genesys.

“We drew on previous hands-on experience with several vendor solutions before eventually going with Genesys,” said Kasper. “We appreciated their openness with APIs and scope to customize with AppFoundry plug-ins. Purchasing via the AWS Marketplace was a major benefit and allowed us to leverage other AWS investments.”

Before implementing the Genesys Cloud AI-powered experience orchestration platform, Modivcare conducted six months of planning and discovery. The introduction of Genesys Cloud Web Messaging provided the ideal opportunity to check that the right user training and support enablers were in place.

“Genesys Professional Services sharing their implementation experience helped improve our internal procedures and organizational change management approach,” said Kasper. “We ended up with a very clear set of tasks, roles, expectations and delivery stages that allowed us to immediately improve member experience.”

Modivcare enjoys other new capabilities, such as SMS messaging, which drives members to download and adopt a mobile application for ride alerts and notifications. Genesys Cloud has also been integrated with email, fax and the company’s Pega CRM system to seamlessly secure data. In addition, Genesys speech analytics helps with coaching and metrics for a better experience.

Unique service differentiation

Part of a nationwide rollout completed six weeks ahead of schedule, the Genesys Cloud platform currently supports 2,600 customer service advisors, a mix of in-house and outsourced personnel who mostly work from home and together manage around 2.2 million monthly calls, plus email and messaging conversations — efficiently and securely via a single, unified desktop.

After implementation, some initial top-level benefits realized by Modivcare include improvements in member engagement, personalized care, scalability, data experience and security measures.

Around 63% more members now choose to engage through web messaging and bots. And, with a 20% improvement in containment rates, we’ve seen revenue from digital bookings increase by 150%.

— Richard Kasper, Director, Voice User Interface, Modivcare

A key service differentiator is the ability to match a member’s profile to the care they require — regardless of the plan type or number of channels the member uses. While carefully orchestrating those journeys, agents can manage time to resolution and other KPIs that need to be tracked.

“We’ve elevated our ability to deliver seamless, personalized experiences that cater to the unique needs of our 34 million members, delivering more than 31 million paid trips per annum,” said Heath Sampson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Modivcare. “We’re one of the first NEMT companies to leverage AI plus real-time data capabilities and analytics to ensure quality performance at scale. This will be a difference maker for our members, granting them the access to care at the level that best serves them.”

Digital excellence payback

With a digital-first strategy, Modivcare started with Genesys Cloud Web Messaging and has embedded a single standard widget in three applications, with two others pending.

“We quickly achieved a 2-to-1 ratio of transactions per agent with a goal of 4-to-1 once we implement Genesys Cloud Agent Assist,” said Kasper. “Our call volumes halved, which has been instrumental in delivering $17 million in cost savings to date.”

The company’s Google voice capabilities (with speaker identification for regulatory compliance) and its chatbots integrated with Genesys Cloud Web Messaging cover six main member intents: reservations, capture, cancel, change, confirm, mileage reimbursement and ride assistance.

“Around 63% more members now choose to engage through web messaging and bots,” added Kasper. “Coupled with a 20% improvement in containment rates, we’ve seen revenue from digital bookings increase by 150%. It also means our agents get to more high-touch engagements with our members like VIP Services; distressed and stranded riders; escalations; and non-digital adopters.”

Genesys data tables have reduced effort, too. Agents can quickly establish member eligibility rights and create reservations on the spot — securely eliminating millions of file transfers from insurance plans.

Smarter workforce engagement and tech-enabled services

With Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management (WEM), Modivcare benefits from advanced quality management tools, speech and text analytics, and gamification techniques that will soon roll out.

“Our goal has been to score more interactions for each customer service representative to assist in coaching and raise the overall experience for our members,” said Kasper. “Previously, we could only score about 6,000 interactions per month, which didn’t provide the level of insight we needed. Now, with WEM, that figure has tripled closer to 24,000, complete with conversation transcriptions, to drive more coaching and improvement opportunities for our teammates to provide better service for our members.”

Previously, 65% of IT tickets were related to hurdles with its legacy workforce management solution, and after evolving to the WEM capabilities of Genesys Cloud, that number has decreased to less than 15%. With most of the remaining tickets being “how-to-do” requests as users continue to build workforce engagement management product knowledge.

Broad KPI improvements

Nearly a year after embarking on its contact center transformation with Genesys Cloud, Modivcare is seeing a huge upswing in its member and teammate experience indicators including a 31% reduction in average speed of answer and abandonment rates. Service levels and quality scores have risen by 5%, with occupancy rates up 3% — and an 86% increase in teammate retention.

Importantly, those results are positively impacting front-line services, such as scheduling member transportation. For example, agents are better enabled to act earlier and prevent late arrivals, while driving out fraudulent claims, waste and abuse within the healthcare industry.

“As our country ages and Medicare spending rises, we will address these issues with a digital-first strategy and high-quality, integrated services,” concluded Sampson. “By focusing on innovation and modernizing our systems, our teammates can work more efficiently, which allows them to concentrate their energy on providing the human element to our high-touch engagements.”

At a glance

Customer: Modivcare

Industry: Healthcare

Location: US

Contact center: Around 2,600 agents


  • Unstable contact center and workforce management technology
  • Inability to offer members the latest digital services


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