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Broadband provider Arvig analyzes cross-channel customer data to understand its customers’ needs, struggles and behaviors with Pointillist® by Genesys. It has created a flourishing customer experience (CX) advocacy practice across the organization. And Arvig has already realized a six-figure cost savings and 12-day reduction in time to value for new customers.

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$230,000 savings

in contact center costs

12-day reduction

in construction lead times

Data aggregated

across 11 systems and 30 event sources

Customer experience

steering committee established

Ability to quickly demonstrate

ROI of CX initiatives

We no longer have fluffy metrics. We’re able to say, ‘with this initiative we’re going to increase our customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score by x or we’re going to decrease costs by y.’ We couldn’t do that before.

— Elena Weller, Customer Experience Director, Arvig

Arvig is an independent US broadband provider specializing in internet, TV, voice, security and wireless services. It also operates a construction and installation arm that deals with underground cabling and utility supplies.

To differentiate itself in a competitive industry, the Minnesota-based company wanted to deliver exceptional CX. A major focal point was the Arvig service helpdesk and tech team, which conducts product troubleshooting and repairs, managing up to 40,000 inbound and 20,000 outbound calls a month.

Arvig was looking for a solution that could help it improve CX across the entire business — not just single channels or business units. After researching its options, Arvig decided to deploy Pointillist by Genesys.

“What stood out about the Genesys solution was the ease in which you could take visualization to actionable insights,” said Elena Weller, Customer Experience Director at Arvig. “We wanted something that was quick, and that was Genesys for us. And we were also able to lean heavily on the technical expertise of Genesys Professional Services to make sure everything was transferred accurately.”

Making data-driven decisions

Arvig wanted to find a smarter way to use its customer interaction data to prioritize where to best focus its resources and effort.

“It’s easy to hear the loudest complainant in the room, but we wanted to make informed data-driven decisions rather than blindly running down rabbit holes,” said Weller.

Pointillist enabled Arvig to create a single customer view across all its channels and sources, including its website, email, contact center and CRM system. This gave Arvig visibility into what its customers were really doing and the actual paths that customers take across different channels — not just how they designed the channels to function. Arvig has been able to see how customer behavior impacts its key performance indicators like revenue, lifetime value and churn.

“We’re able to visualize where customers originate from when they switch channels, where they go next and why they abandon,” said Weller. “Our management team now have data at their fingertips that they never could have dreamed of five years ago. And our CFO mentions almost weekly how nice it is that Genesys puts information in a format that makes it really actionable. So it’s really a value to our entire organization.”

Spotting and fixing suboptimal journeys

Much of the business value that Arvig has realized from the solution comes from the analytical work of identifying the root causes of friction points within their customers’ journeys.

“When we purchased Pointillist, our goals were around reducing churn, but now we’re looking more holistically at the customer experience,” added Weller. “We no longer have fluffy metrics. We’re able to say, ‘with this initiative, we’re going to increase our customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores by x or we’re going to decrease costs by y.’ We couldn’t do that before.”

Now, suboptimal customer journeys are far less likely to go unspotted. Installations for new Arvig customers are a prime example. One in five home visits used to require another call or repeat touch from a technician. But by looking at service orders, calls and help ticket data in the Genesys tool, Arvig was able to quickly pinpoint where issues in the customer journey were occurring and address them.

Empowering the CX team to act

Being able to demonstrate ROI is critical for Arvig, and Pointillist by Genesys helps the company quantify the success of its actions. By first visualizing the impact of proposed changes, the organization has been able to simultaneously save costs and improve efficiency.

“We first establish a baseline for whatever we’re going to implement a new journey around,” said Weller. “Once we’ve completed that project, we can see a really concrete ROI at the end.”

For instance, by digging into the reasons why customers were calling its contact center, Arvig quickly found that many of its customers’ goals could be achieved through self-service or lower-cost channels.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve identified over $230,000 worth of savings from reducing contact center costs,” added Weller.

Once a month we meet with directors from across the business to present results, the new use cases and action plans we’re working on — for example, to increase self-service, reduce customer effort, improve agent experience and lower the risk of platform migration projects.

— Elena Weller, Customer Experience Director, Arvig

Additionally, Arvig has been able to improve its service installation times. The insight provided by Genesys identified where the bottlenecks were in its installation process and where customers were most likely to reach out with questions. Empowered with this information, Arvig took action by streamlining the process for customers and creating proactive communication at the points in the journey where customers were previously calling in.

“For installations requiring construction, we’ve decreased our overall timeline by 12 days,” said Weller. “This is huge when it comes to onboarding new customers and time to revenue.”

Enabling journey management across the organization

Experimenting with journey analytics led Arvig to create a customer experience steering committee. “It’s been incredibly successful for us,” concluded Weller. “Once a month we meet with directors from across the business to present results, new use cases and action plans we’re working on.”

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Customer: Arvig

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: US


  • Lacking customer journey insight
  • Inability to see, understand and fix friction points
  • Unable to prioritize and attach value to service improvements