Revving up a great customer and employee experience

Tuhu built a solid service foundation with Genesys — skyrocketing its employee and customer satisfaction rates. In blurring its online and offline channels with fluid self-service and agent-assisted services, Tuhu has put the power of convenience in everyone’s hands.

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Enhanced employee

efficiency across the business

Boosted employee

experience and satisfaction

Increased flexibility

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customer satisfaction

The Genesys Engage solution is very inclusive, open and flexible. With that, it satisfies and supports our company’s long-term development direction.

— Cui Xu, Technical Production Manager, Tuhu

Building a fluid experience with an open platform

In its journey to become China’s leading automotive brand, Tuhu is on a mission to make car maintenance simpler. From service inquiries to online orders to installation and after-sales care, the company adds convenience with its automotive products and services — using online and offline channels like its website, mobile app, dedicated call center and third-party eCommerce platforms to reach its customers where they are. So, it’s no surprise the company now has more than 66 million customers (20% of Chinese car owners).

For Tuhu, delivering a frictionless customer experience is table stakes — not a destination.

“Our goal is to continuously improve customer experience because the boundaries between brand marketing, sales and services have become increasingly blurred with digitalization,” said Cui Xu, Technical Production Manager at Tuhu. “So, we’ve come to realize the strategic benefits of managing each customer touchpoint.’’

Since omnichannel has become the new standard, Cui Xu and his team knew they needed an open platform that enabled seamless integration with its existing solutions and allowed for flexibility and customization. This is when the team turned to Genesys — blending the world of self-service and agent-assisted services to make every interaction personalized.

“To perfect the process experience and system functionality, we deployed the Genesys Engage solution and integrated the Genesys voice solution to support our proprietary phone system,” said Cui Xu. “And because customer feedback has been great since we started this partnership, we have continued to work together.”

Bringing the human touch to omnichannel

The motto for Cui Xu’s team is simple: Great customer experiences and convenience win customers. “We want to ensure our customers have a perfect experience,” said Cui Xu. “From ordering online to offline installation, they can and should enjoy a genuine, professional service from beginning to end.”

And that is exactly what the Genesys voice solution helped Tuhu achieve.

“Since deployment, customers have shared that our customer service is good, highly efficient and very thoughtful,” said Cui Xu. “In their eyes, we can understand their needs and address issues quickly.”

Despite the great results and feedback, Cui Xu’s team continues to closely monitor things. “I think we should never take our eyes off the Net Promoter Score because it gives us a progressive measurement of our customer experience,” added Cui Xu. “So, we need to keep a watchful eye on this benchmark to maintain our position.”

Empowering employees for the future of work

Building a highly efficient customer service platform benefits employees and customers. Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, IVR and quality assurance monitoring has enabled the Tuhu customer service team to digitally transform its operations and provide fresh insight into how they are working — enabling continuous improvements.

“It’s not just about keeping our customers satisfied,” said Cui Xu. “Our teams have worked very hard to drive business success, so we want to make things simpler and more flexible for them.”

Since we’ve started using the Genesys Engage solution, we’ve continually worked together to perfect the process experience and system functionality. With their professional technology, the Genesys team is able to analyze and solve problems from our company’s point of view.

— Cui Xu, Technical Production Manager, Tuhu

Leveraging its new, efficient platform, Tuhu hopes to provide employees with a better work-life balance powered by flexible on-site management and scheduling modes.

Next steps

Tuhu is a Genesys partner that embodies the “experience is everything” motto. With a plan to make flexible work a reality and the continuous ambition to drive a great customer experience, it won’t be surprising if the business sets the industry standard in the automotive space and beyond.

At a glance

Customer: Tuhu

Industry: Automotive

Location: China

Company size: 1,100 employees


  • Continuously improve customer experience
  • Remove friction in the customer journey
  • Improve employee experience
  • Ensure consistent experience across channels
  • Create central data repository
  • Enhance visibility of customer interactions