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Leveraging cloud technology to improve agility and operational efficiency

Probe Group is one of Australia’s largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers, with more than 14,000 agents delivering services onshore in Australia, nearshore in New Zealand and offshore in the Philippines. Guided by the belief that great employee experience translates into great customer experience, Probe Group prioritizes workforce management through the adoption of best-in-class resources, technology and processes by delivering personalized customer services.

Realizing this goal meant Probe had to transform its end-to-end business processes from employee onboarding to end-state service delivery. The company needed an agile way to integrate its many siloed applications, which were hindering employee productivity and experiences. It also sought to build work-from-home capabilities to cater to evolving employee expectations and business continuity requirements that its legacy on-premises contact center couldn’t support. In addition, the company aimed to close the gaps in its traditional technology procurement and integration approach to improve the speed-to-market capabilities in onboarding and provisioning of new services to clients.

Probe Group deployed a cloud-based omnichannel platform to bring greater agility across channels and enhance customer services. Following a rigorous evaluation process, the company believed that the all-in-one Genesys Cloud CX™ solution had the best-in-class offerings to suit its unique requirements.


  • Under 48-hour deployment to clients
  • Business continuity assurance when working from home
  • Flexibility to use multiple carriers
  • Eliminated the need for market edges or add-ons
  • Eliminated the six- to eight-week procurement cycle
  • 30% increased agility for non-technical operational resources to manage change

Genesys Cloud CX is a big winner for us. The platform gets better every year. There are more and more enhancements, and that’s the evolution of cloud-based tech. I think we’ve had a very fruitful relationship with Genesys, which will continue to grow.

Rohan Khanna, GM of Technology, Innovation and Projects, Probe Group

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  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Long lead times in procurement and upgrades
  • Lack of work-from-home capability for agents
  • Management of high-availability environments and ongoing redundancy
  • Bandwidth and utilization over VPN

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