Invested in superior customer experience

FCT seamlessly moved to the Genesys Cloud™ platform during one of their industry’s most monumental shifts in the way they do business. Now, when processing transactions they can recognize customers before accepting a call. And with support for chat, PCI compliance and Salesforce integration, along with a built-in workforce management resource, they can provide a more accurate and efficient level of service to their customers.

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data sovereignty

No major issues

during rollout

Highest quarterly volumes

in company history

Reduced call

triage time

More accurate

and efficient resource management

Calling time on customer experience barriers

FCT is a leading national service provider in real estate technology and title insurance, delivering advanced property intelligence that connects businesses to their customers. In 1991, they pioneered title insurance in the Canadian market and remain a leader in residential and commercial title insurance today. Over the years, they have grown to provide a vast range of data-driven products and services that span the real estate lifecycle.

A key differentiator for the company is a clearly defined customer experience (CX) strategy designed to make the process as easy as possible for their employees and customers. However, that wasn’t always the case.

Before Genesys our agents answered calls completely blind. Now, with the links to Salesforce we can identify if an incoming caller has input their FCT reference number, and now have access to all the information they need for that transaction. It’s massively reduced triage time — and our agents love it.

— Pat Smolak, Director Operations, Residential Solutions, FCT

With employees dispersed between three large centers in Oakville, Hamilton and Moncton as well as smaller satellite sites across the country, FCT decided they needed to make a move from their previous on-premises legacy system.

“We only had basic routing and weren’t able to integrate our voice and chat systems,” said Pat Smolak, Director Operations, Residential Solutions for FCT. “Agents would be hit with both types of interactions at the same time, which is not ideal; we want our agents to be able to focus one transaction at a time, providing that customer with the best possible service.”

Unrivaled agent and customer experiences

Like many organizations, FCT was already considering a cloud omnichannel approach and was well underway at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. A three-month phased deployment of Genesys Cloud ensured solid footing — beginning with meeting customer priorities.

“We have clients who don’t want their data to ever leave Canada, and Genesys gave us that assurance,” added Smolak. “Also, I have to say I was very impressed at the pivot to our training plan. We were able to seamlessly transition our previous plan from in-person training to a successful online rollout. There was not one major issue during the rollout. The FCT and Genesys teams did a fantastic job.”

With the solution, agents and business users can effortlessly switch between phone and chat conversations, a perfectly blended workflow that was not possible with the previous legacy system.

“Before Genesys our agents answered calls completely blind,” said Smolak. “Now, with the links to Salesforce we can recognize the identity of the caller and identify if they have input their FCT reference number. It provides our agents with all the information they need to assist with that transaction and has massively reduced triage time — our agents love it.”

Top-line benefits

Similarly, payments are processed faster without having to move between screens and applications. “PCI-compliance integration was another game changer,” added Smolak. “The customer securely keys in their card details and the system informs the agent whether the payment was successful. The confirmation of the payment is directed back to the FCT source system and an agent can easily send an email receipt if the client requests.”

“We are also looking forward to the success of using a workforce management platform,” concluded Smolak. “We are in the initial stages of deployment, but plan to see results by the end of 2021.”

At a glance

Customer: FCT

Industry: Real estate tech and title insurance

Location: Canada

Company size: Over 1,000 employees


  • Improve routing, reporting and workforce management
  • Enhance system integration
  • Keep all customer data within Canada