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Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) improved its agility and increased FCR by 15% with the Genesys Cloud™ platform. It also enabled agents to work from anywhere, ensuring business continuity — something that was extremely difficult with its legacy on-premises solution.

15% increase

in FCR

10% boost

in customer satisfaction


wait time

Improved agent operations

with remote working

Reduced handle time

with timely routing to best agent

The Genesys open architecture and ease at which we could build and deploy scripting and IVR flows allows us to very rapidly deploy new functionality for new customers when they come on board.

— Malcolm Green, Senior Contact Center Engineer, Nexon

Increased agility with an open architecture

As a technology advisor and managed services provider, Nexon Asia Pacific helps clients run their businesses better, acting as an integral part of the IT team. Nexon takes the steps needed to transform an organization — from networking to unified communications to desktop support — enabling sustainable growth and pathways for innovation. Headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the company has over 400 employees and manages its own contact center for midmarket and enterprise organizations.

Nexon wanted to upgrade its contact center infrastructure to an agile cloud platform that could support new functionality, consolidate back-end systems and underpin business expansion. The business had outgrown its on-premises contact center solution after five years and decided to leverage the benefits of Genesys Cloud to support continued growth.

“We needed an intelligent cloud-based platform that could quickly adapt to new business requirements on the fly, rather than taking days to modify existing flows,” said Steven Zhu, Product Lead at Nexon. “Along with that agility, we also needed visibility into a rich dataset with the ability to easily present a customer journey, including all the key metrics across different queues and different business units.”

“Crucial to this was moving from a monolithic legacy architecture to the agile microservices-based Genesys solution, which can easily adapt and scale,” said Malcolm Green, Senior Contact Center Engineer at Nexon.

“The Genesys open architecture and ease at which we can build and deploy scripting and IVR flows allows us to very rapidly deploy new functionality for new customers when they come on board,” added Green. “This modern architecture also supported a better user experience across the organization with managing client needs.”

Happier customers through improved FCR

Nexon uses its HelpDesk Happiness Model to measure and analyze customer experience from end to end. It improved customer satisfaction by implementing a closed-loop customer feedback process with Genesys Cloud.

And, because Nexon knows FCR is one of the most critical metrics for any contact center, it embraced the Genesys Cloud platform to empower agents with more information. This, ultimately, improved real-time visibility and lifted FCR rates.

“First-call resolution is one of the key things we strive for, so we need to have all critical information coming in so that our front-line team can immediately see what’s happening and quickly resolve issues,” said Green.

Now the service desk can triage an issue and then redirect or transfer the caller to the person best suited to answer their question.

“Before the introduction of Genesys, it was a cumbersome process,” said Zhu. “Nexon can now focus its efforts to ensure every customer touchpoint and every transaction has a good outcome. Since the implementation of Genesys Cloud contact center software, we can now make the customer experience effortless by significantly improving FCR, call abandonment rates and customer satisfaction.”

Customer experience and happiness are at the core of Nexon services. With Genesys Cloud, the company can satisfy more of its managed service customers, measure agent efficiency and track overall performance.

Extended support for remote agents

Nexon Asia Pacific also can support remote agents now. “Genesys Cloud supports granting agents the capability to work from home, or any locations they prefer, which brings huge value to our business,” said Zhu. “It’s an important part of the solution because we are confident we can continue to offer great support to customers even if there are disruptions to normal contact center operations.”

Supporting remote workers was difficult under the legacy contact center platform. Traditionally, its core contact center was in Sydney. Now, the company has the flexibility to call on agents wherever they’re needed, said Bruce Knox, Unified Communications Business Lead at Nexon.

“Previously, there were always so many moving parts for supporting remote agents, including spinning up a VPN connection or using VDI, navigating firewalls and routing the voice,” said Knox. “With Genesys, it’s as simple as ‘Here’s a browser, here’s a headset, you’re ready to get to work.’”

Streamlined operations and efficiencies in cloud

To meet future challenges, Nexon consolidated solutions with Genesys Cloud and retired legacy systems. This allows the company to streamline operations and improve efficiencies — especially as it grows.

“Due to our strategic growth plans, we are adding different business units and different departments into our organization,” said Zhu. “The Genesys support for distributed contact center solutions allows each department or each brand to have their own flows and have their own structures to maintain the customer service, helping us gradually migrate and consolidate those businesses into Nexon groups.”

As part of this, Nexon Service Desk now consolidates customer email communications into one system and interface. Just as it does with calls and chats, this unified approach helps them get more value out of email interactions. As part of this, Nexon Service Desk now consolidates customer email communications into one system and interface. Just as it does with calls and chats, this unified approach helps them get more value out of email interactions.

Genesys is a central part of ensuring our service meets their expectations, which is critical for our business — to make customers happy — so we can keep servicing those customers.

— Steven Zhu, Product Lead, Nexon

“The decision to move from the previous web chat solution was to integrate channels and ensure rich insights across all customer interactions to deliver a better customer experience,” said Knox.

“We were not just able to get more of a reliable and fast-moving product evolution by choosing Genesys, we were also able to remove a range of redundant platforms,” concluded Knox. “Managing one solution from Genesys allows us to look to the future with confidence.”

Next steps

Nexon is a Genesys partner that understands the importance of delivering a better customer experience. By enhancing productivity and reporting across channels, it can provide custom contact center solutions that meet business outcomes for its customers in the social sector as well as financial and professional services.

At a glance

Industry: IT and services

Location: Australia

Company size: Over 400 employees


  • Improve contact center agility
  • Standardize help desk platforms and operations across regions
  • Support remote work to engage customers from anywhere
  • Enhance planning with vendor-agnostic call center forecasting software
  • Gain visibility into customer interactions
  • Build a better workflow with the ability to prioritize
  • Improve reporting and incorporate an analytics API
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams

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