Boosting business results through innovation

After switching from an on-premises contact center and adopting the Genesys Cloud™ platform, Edenred Mexico improved all its KPIs — which includes doubling their conversion rate and increasing sales by 100%.

100% increase

in sales

50% increase

in contact rate

30% increase

in NPS

100% remote

working due to COVID-19

The improved performance achieved through the Genesys Cloud platform allowed us to double the conversion rate, meaning sales increased by 100%.

Aurelie Bagard

Director of Distant Sales

Edenred Mexico

Digital transformation challenges

Edenred is the global leader in transaction solutions for businesses, employees and retailers. In 1962, the French-based company created the “Ticket Restaurant,” a meal voucher. It was later extended to more than 46 countries.

In recent years, the group promoted the digitalization of all its solutions worldwide. In Mexico, where Edenred currently has more than 3.5 million users, 35,000 clients and over 250,000 stores, the transformation process was executed quickly. In under three years, it went from 100% paper to 95% digital with a focus on mobile devices.

“In this new stage, it was very important to find a partner that would help us optimize the end-customer experience. We wanted to have a 360-degree vision of the customer — a goal we had not been able to achieve,” said Aurelie Bagard, Director of Distant Sales at Edenred Mexico.

An aim for innovation

To manage the interaction with its customers, Edenred Mexico used an on-premises solution that prevented it from gaining all the competitive advantages it achieved after moving to the cloud.

“The previous tool did not allow us to integrate it with our CRM. Executives had to move from one system to another to load information, and this is something that diminishes the value of the management. It was clearly not the right thing to do, since it caused them to waste a lot of time,” said Bagard.

This wasn’t the only limitation. The predictive dialer also had serious restrictions; if there was an incorrect number when running an outbound campaign, it interrupted the whole dialing process. In addition, the platform was unstable, damaging the quality of a critical synchronous service like voice.

Genesys Cloud deployment

Edenred Mexico was looking for a new solution to transform a contact center that managed up to 80,000 contacts per month. The decision matrix included some key points: the need of a cloud computing platform, ease of integration with its CRM system, omnichannel capacity and cost.

“We had the freedom to choose the tool we wanted. We did a thorough analysis and we concluded that Genesys Cloud was the best fit for our needs,” said Bagard.

The implementation was executed according to the gradual-migration roadmap. The project began in March 2018 with 15% of the outbound team, and it continued at this pace for the next four months. The inbound operation of the contact center was implemented during a second phase.

Success indicators multiply

In just a few months, the Genesys Cloud platform’s technological innovation and high performance transformed customer management at Edenred Mexico, allowing a significant improvement in multiple KPIs.

Since the platform was fully integrated with the company’s CRM system, contact center executives no longer had to copy and paste data from one screen to the other. This enabled them to double contact levels. In turn, the rise of this quantitative indicator was quickly correlated with a qualitative satisfaction metric, like the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

“Driving the client centrality allowed us to improve the NPS by 30%, an extremely positive achievement,” added Bagard.

The automated predictive dialer works seamlessly. And the follow-up call scheduling, along with voicemail, are new features that increased agent productivity.

“The improved performance achieved through the Genesys Cloud platform allowed us to double the conversion rate, meaning sales increased by 100%,” said Bagard.

We had the freedom to choose the tool we wanted. We did a thorough analysis and concluded that Genesys Cloud was the best fit for our needs.

Aurelie Bagard

Director of Distant Sales

Edenred Mexico

Stability for remote workers

“What if my executives one day have to work from home? An on-premises solution won’t work,” pondered Bagard, as she analyzed which innovative solution the contact center needed. The answer to that question tipped the selection strategy toward a cloud solution.

That hypothetical scenario materialized in March 2020, when mandatory confinement was decreed in Mexico due to the health crisis of COVID-19. Once operators were safe in their homes, Edenred faced the challenge of completely relocating the operation in the shortest time possible.

“We had to work against the clock with the partner and our networking team to achieve platform stability in the new configuration needed to be used from home,” said Luz del Carmen Morales, CRM Analyst at Edenred. In just two days, we managed to connect 90% of the operation, but experienced difficulties with 10% of the executives who live in areas where the quality of the internet is not good.”

By using the Remote function in Genesys Cloud, which allows triangulating calls directly to the executive’s cell phone or the landline, the company connected 100% of the operation successfully.

“We have perfect stability. We never had an outage,” noted Bagard. “This allowed us to maintain the performance levels in the main indicators, even increasing the productivity of the representatives.”

The future of customer experience

Contact center evolution doesn’t stop at Edenred Mexico. Achieving integrated omnichannel capacity in a single tool and extending the use of the platform to more departments in the company are the next goals of its ambitious transformation plan.

“Artificial intelligence is one of the capabilities we also want to incorporate into our contact center. We will continue to work with Genesys in this direction because we know it is the future of the customer experience,” said Bagard.

At a glance

Customer: Edenred Mexico

Industry: Prepaid services

Location: Mexico

Company size: Over 700 employees


  • Replace outdated on-premises solution
  • Quick and easy integration with CRM system
  • Improve the end customer and internal customer experiences
  • Incorporate new features and optimize existing ones
  • Improve KPIs




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