Omnichannel customer service at its best

DKV Euro Service GmbH & Co. KG deals in fuel cards for commercial customers and wanted to modernize its communications infrastructure. The implementation of the Genesys Cloud™ platform enabled the German company to continuously adapt its internal processes and transition to an omnichannel service. And it’s using the solution for telemarketing and omnichannel sales.

Complete inbound

and outbound telephony across Europe


Microsoft integration

Additional digital

processes planned

Secure foundation

for the omnichannel future

Genesys Cloud soon proved to be the most powerful solution.

— Robert Trojan, Team Manager Workplace and Network Services, DKV Euro Service

With around 1,700 employees across Europe, DKV Euro Service GmbH & Co. KG is an affiliate of the global DKV Mobility Group. The affiliate based in Ratingen, Germany deals mainly in fuel cards for commercial customers, offering high-quality services that ensure client mobility. In fact, with millions of fuel cards and on-board units now in circulation — and 12 billion euros transaction volume — DKV Mobility is a leading European platform for on-the-road payments and solutions.

The company’s product portfolio also comprises numerous other mobility services made available by the DKV Mobility Group. For example, DKV Euro Service helps customers contact the nearest garage in case of a breakdown, supports toll station payments and even provides cash on the spot when it’s needed urgently. DKV Card+Charge enables clients to charge their electric vehicles at around 310,000 public charging points. And customers can now access DKV services using a powerful mobile app that will automatically identify the gas station where the user has stopped. The driver then only needs to specify which gas pump they want to use and confirm the transaction — before driving off without having to process a payment.

In the digital era, DKV Euro Service has continuously adapted its internal processes as it’s transitioned toward omnichannel service — prompting it to modernize its communications infrastructure with the Genesys Cloud platform. This transformation project was executed in cooperation with Genesys partner VR Voice GmbH, a Dortmund-based company specializing in consultancy, implementation and operations services for digital communication solutions.

A secure foundation for the digital future

Because of its complex IT requirements, the company’s existing environment and PBX system had reached their limits.

“As part of our overall IT strategy, we are currently migrating many workloads to the cloud,” said Robert Trojan, Team Manager Workplace and Network Services at DKV Mobility. “For this reason, and because of the incompatibility of our plans with our current service infrastructure and solution, Genesys Cloud was shortlisted early in the process.”

Specifically, DKV Euro Service relies heavily on two cloud-based tools: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer care and Microsoft Power BI for reporting. Its new cloud contact center solution had to seamlessly integrate these tools, while also providing superior omnichannel functions and interfaces to partner systems.

“In this regard, Genesys very quickly proved to be the most powerful solution for customer communication,” added Trojan.

Growth on a scalable platform

With the support of Genesys partner VR Voice, DKV Euro Service managed to control its implementation costs by sticking to the tried-and-tested motto: Start small, grow fast. The company began with 30 agents — increasing this number to 250 agents across 14 European locations over the span of 18 months. As of August 2022, there are 530 agents across 15 European countries.

Today, the solution is used for all its telecommunications processes in customer service, as well as telemarketing and omnichannel sales.

“Genesys Cloud is one of the most powerful omnichannel tools available,” said René Appel, Process Manager for International Sales Steering at DKV Euro Service. “It is great to be able to start small, within a suitable budget.”

Preliminary reactions after the successful telecommunications rollout of Genesys Cloud are extremely positive. “Inbound, outbound and service calls are now processed via Genesys Cloud, with exceptional integration of Microsoft CRM and fully automated routing, just as we imagined,” said Appel.

The specific point of contact is chosen by each customer individually — not by DKV Euro Service. How customers access the company’s communication channels doesn’t matter because the CRM solution can draw on their contact data to identify them. Genesys Cloud then uses skill-based routing to place each call with the best resource.

This complex allocation process is based on a special “virtual group” routing strategy developed by VR Voice. This means that each customer group — from garages to small haulers to enterprise customers — has its own specially qualified agents. For example, if one agent is on vacation, their calls are forwarded automatically to another agent in the same virtual group — an expert with the same qualifications who can provide any help needed. Under no circumstances are calls passed on to another team.

“We want to use this approach to fully meet the requirements of our customers and increase their satisfaction,” said Appel.

Exemplary software integration

Another benefit has been the seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI, which has enabled DKV Euro Service to monitor the use of Genesys Cloud and generate highly actionable results. Workforce planning, overflow rules and the handling of VIP customers can now be fine-tuned.

“The requirements of telemarketing agents are different from the requirements of customer service agents,” said Appel. “So the highly adaptable solution has been streamlined for each department to avoid implementing too many functions.”

Future plans

Since the rollout of the omnichannel approach has been such a resounding success, decision-makers at DKV Euro Service are planning further changes. One big topic is the integration of new channels, such as email or messenger services, which would greatly accelerate text-based communication. When an email is received, for example, the Genesys solution can automatically analyze the content and identify the customer’s request using artificial intelligence. It then forwards the email to a suitable agent — and even suggests a response.

Inbound, outbound and service calls are now processed via Genesys Cloud, with exceptional integration of Microsoft CRM and fully automated routing, just as we imagined.

— René Appel, Process Manager, International Sales Steering at DKV Euro Service

Additionally, Genesys Cloud will be used to facilitate synchronous communication with the company’s online shop as well as social media communication and chat conversations.

DKV Euro Services believes Genesys Cloud is the perfect solution to support its digitization and service strategy. The powerful omnichannel platform is designed for the digital processes of the future and seamless, reliable integration with software from other vendors.

At a glance

Industry: Transportation

Location: Germany

Contact center: 530 agents


  • No omnichannel tools for different requirements
  • Lacked powerful communications solution
  • Poor integration with other software
  • Need to empower agents