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Quenching the thirst for innovation

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services has improved its customer experience (CX) while saving on costs and IT effort with a move to the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform. Now with unprecedented innovation capabilities, this shared services organization is ready for gamification and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions like Genesys Speech Analytics, voicebots and Agent Assist.

33% reduction

in system administration effort

50% savings

in TCO


outbound efficiency


integration possibilities


innovation roadmap

Employee experience

has improved with workforce engagement features

Our agents have had a very positive experience and say the solution is faster and easier to use. Cost-wise we are paying around 50% less and have transitioned to 100% virtual in Tulsa and reduced to a single on-site campus in Tampa for Customer Care.

Nicole Thomas

VP, Customer Care Center

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services

Perception shapers

Coca-Cola wants to refresh the world, inspire moments of happiness and make a difference. Those at the forefront of this mission include Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services (CCBSS). This shared services organization had looked after Coca-Cola partners and their end customers from three contact centers in Tulsa, Atlanta and Tampa.

“We help shape the overall experience and perception of the Coca-Cola brand every day,” said Nicole Thomas, VP, Customer Care Center at CCBSS. “That ranges from fulfilling sales orders and resolving billing inquiries to troubleshooting vending equipment problems and arranging repairs.”

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services was the 2019 Genesys Customer Innovation Awards winner in the CX Mover category.

However, managing voice, chat and email interactions from three contact centers separately using Cisco, Verint and NICE inContact systems was tough. In 2017, a move to the Genesys PureConnect™ application provided much needed flexibility and interoperability, along with simpler reporting — and a 50% TCO savings.

Native cloud benefits

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the initial PureConnect deployment enabled CCBSS to quickly enact home working as contact center traffic fell because of lockdowns and enforced closures in hospitality, travel and other key Coca-Cola retail sectors. “We had been averaging around 245,000 weekly activities and initially saw a 40% reduction,” said Thomas.

These events prompted CCBSS to consider a cloud-native architecture that was easy to scale up and roll back without additional costs. “New functionality and integrations through Genesys Cloud CX offered flexibility we never knew we could have,” added Thomas. “We had home-based agents up and running virtually with native workforce engagement management — and a better development cycle with regular releases and a strong innovation roadmap.”

Home-based agents were virtually trained on Genesys Cloud CX over Microsoft Teams as part of a phased migration. “Our agents have had a very positive experience and say the solution is faster and easier to use,” said Thomas. “We also created real estate savings by going 100% virtual in Tulsa and consolidating to a single on-site campus in Tampa for Customer Care.”

Greater insights and integrations

One of the biggest revelations has been tightly integrating Genesys and Salesforce. This allows CCBSS to drive automation and self-service by leveraging advanced screen pops and scripts, surfacing customer account information, and introducing data actions to improve IVR applications.

Outbound communications are also more efficient. “Previously, a customer might phone in to place their order and receive a needless call later from our sales team,” added Thomas. “Now, that no longer happens because the system automatically removes their name from the call list, releasing our agents for other tasks.”

To replace its previous post-call survey solution, CCBSS talked with several Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace partners before opting for Survey Dynamix. “We took advantage of a free trial and quickly found we could do so much more, like simultaneously survey our SMS, email and chat channels,” said Thomas. “That provides our bottlers with greater insights into what their customers are saying.”

Efficiency gains, happier employees

Usually, a system migration would have required the company’s IT team to complete a series of stressful manual switchovers. Those problems disappear with the new all-in-one experience platform for customers and employees.

“We avoided all that hassle with Genesys Cloud CX,” added Thomas. “Also, we don’t have to provision softphones and we have neat tools like Genesys Architect to speed up call flow design. So, we only need two people to administer the system compared to three before.”

CCBSS is leveraging Genesys Workforce Engagement and has noticed an improvement in speed and reliability from what it experienced with Genesys PureConnect. Resource planners and supervisors are spending less time generating reports, building out work schedules, and managing campaigns and time off.

“The employee experience has improved with enhanced workforce engagement features. They can now listen to their own calls, view their quality evaluations and even add comments to those evaluations,” said Thomas. “Agents also appreciate that they can view real-time stats, like number of calls handled and talk time.”

“Our future is no longer constrained by our past,” concluded Thomas. “Next, we plan to experiment with gamification, coaching and AI solutions like Genesys Speech Analytics, voicebots and Agent Assist. We’re also looking into improving experience and productivity through a Microsoft Teams integration.”

At a glance

Industry: Beverage manufacturer/retailer

Location: US

Company size: 230 agents


  • Realize greater efficiencies
  • Enable remote working during pandemic
  • Accelerate CX innovation

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