A global deployment to deliver consistent experiences

With an equal emphasis on innovation and quality, Xiaomi Corporation pursues superior customer service and operational efficiency. But faced with unprecedented growth and a rapid uplift in customer traffic, Xiaomi struggled to provide a unified experience through its global services department. After implementing the Genesys Cloud™ platform, the tech leader is now able to deliver a remarkable customer experience worldwide — improving call pickup time and customer satisfaction (CSAT) while lowering handle time.

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Built a language-based

global contact center

Routed calls

across 17 locations

10% AHT


1.8% CSAT


5% Call pickup

rate improvement

Seamless integrations

with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

Since working with Genesys, our users have seen huge improvements in the operational efficiency for our entire customer service. Our case processing efficiency has dramatically increased, and our overall customer satisfaction has been greatly enhanced.

Wang Chuanpeng

International Services Product Director

Xiaomi Corporation

Turning customers into fans

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi Corporation is a tech company headquartered in Beijing, China that produces smartphones, smart hardware and the world’s leading consumer Artificial Intelligence of Things platform with over 325 million connected smart devices. Today, Xiaomi serves customers in over 70 countries across 17 locations, covering 23 different markets. The company ranks second in the world in smartphone device sales with over 17% of the market share.

When Xiaomi commenced providing customer support outside China, it faced the challenge of building an agile, global contact center infrastructure — and a remote workforce capability to manage it. Its unique requirements included multilingual language capabilities, flexibility to accommodate differing compliance and privacy regulations, and an operations environment to support distinctive local characteristics.

Xiaomi is in the business of technology solutions, but its service team understands how essential customers are for its success.

“Our employees highly respect the culture that the fans of Xiaomi are the founders of the brand,” said Wang Chuanpeng, International Services Product Director at Xiaomi. “User experience is the core of what we do and a concept we all talk about daily is to be friends with our users and to be the coolest company in their minds.”

Xiaomi wanted to achieve the following CX objectives:

  • Deliver a uniform customer service experience worldwide
  • Improve agent scheduling and productivity
  • Monitor call queues
  • Identify and analyze customer call patterns in real time
  • Improve compliance across different markets
  • Improve management of global operations through data integration
  • Improve operational efficiencies

Choosing a seamless open platform

Before partnering with Genesys, Xiaomi looked at many solutions available in the market; however, most vendors had difficulty meeting its diverse global needs and system requirements. Xiaomi chose Genesys because of its remarkable cloud-based voice capability, superior overall performance and ease of integration; it assessed Genesys as being asset-light, quick to deploy and most critically, completely scalable across any global region or specific location.

“Genesys created a global deployment plan for us,” said Wang Chuanpeng. “The openness of their platform was a great help. It integrated seamlessly with our customer service workbench. And as we only had five HQ-based operations staff, its management capability was remarkably efficient.”

In the past, Xiaomi agents relied on a global third-party voicemail system to interact with customers. This system was deficient in achieving unified management. It didn’t meet minimum service delivery standards across different locations as customer calls couldn’t be monitored in real time or identified and analyzed for calling patterns.

Genesys caught my eye because of their global deployment capability and global omnichannel scalability. We chose to work with Genesys because of the remarkable openness of their platform, which integrated seamlessly with our customer service workbench.

Wang Chuanpeng

International Services Product Director

Xiaomi Corporation

Genesys Cloud enabled Xiaomi to schedule agents efficiently to ensure there are enough agents staffed at the appropriate times — reducing both customer wait and call length times. It allowed agents to work remotely and be monitored in real time, including incoming calls. The platform also allowed for automatic recording of call interactions rather than relying on manual processes by agents — significantly reducing the company’s overall compliance risk. Because the Genesys Cloud platform is integrated with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, agents save time by no longer needing to log in and out of multiple applications and systems. Now, screen pops give agents the information they need in one place.

Huge improvements in operational efficiency across the CX function

While the legacy third-party system was in place, Xiaomi had no way of accessing customer voice recordings or sharing the raw data among business units for audits, quality assurance and training.

Once operational, Genesys Cloud facilitated the export of call recordings, so that business units could utilize the data for both decision-making and quality audit purposes. It also allowed seamless integration of voice and digital channels into one unified system, giving agents complete access to all customer communications and channels.

The overall operability of the Genesys Cloud platform is comparatively good. Whether it’s the interface interaction, UI interaction, or specific features such as live monitoring, the overall IVR interaction performs relatively well, which dramatically lowers my customer service learning costs.

Wang Chuanpeng

International Services Product Director

Xiaomi Corporation

To date with Genesys Cloud, CSAT has improved by 1.8% and service-level agreement has increased by 5%, while average handle time has decreased by 10%.

“After using Genesys Cloud, there has been a huge improvement in total customer service performance,” said Wang Chuanpeng. “We can manage agents in a completely unified way, regardless of where they are located. Overseeing the whole global customer service operations business is now very simple.”

Intelligent CX is the future

Xiaomi is now fully operational with Genesys Cloud across 13 contact centers — supporting 23 markets in 16 different languages.

“Collaboration with Genesys has been extremely positive, across their sales teams, technical support and after-sales support,” concluded Wang Chuanpeng. “They are completely committed until final delivery, and although our runway was tight, Genesys helped us deliver the entire project smoothly and efficiently.”

As digital-savvy customers now demand more personalized experiences and more agile service capabilities from companies, Xiaomi continues to explore how smart cloud-based capabilities through Genesys Cloud can help it deliver seamless, efficient CX worldwide.

At a glance

Industry: Consumer electronics and hardware

Location: China

Company size: 22,000 employees


  • No visibility on real-time queues and production status
  • Unable to analyze customer calling patterns
  • Raw performance data presented a compliance risk
  • No access to voice quality audit
  • Lack of data sharing automation
  • No direct source for KPI result