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JPIMedia offers essential reading through hundreds of newspapers, magazines and websites to help people in the UK make informed lifestyle decisions using trusted media. Multimedia campaigns remain a vital source of income in an era of declining circulation amid the rise of digital platforms.

The business used to have teams dotted around the country selling advertising space on the phone. Anticipating market shifts, JPIMedia introduced contact center functionality and, after a failed pilot with another provider, chose the Genesys® PureConnect Cloud application to consolidate operations into three media sales centers in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Leeds. Subsequently when the company wanted to evolve its sales centers and take advantage of the public cloud, it moved to the Genesys Cloud CX platform.

“Our previous Genesys solution provided what we needed in terms of optimizing our outbound calls and campaigns,” said Rebekah Avill, Head of Commercial Systems for JPIMedia. “However, our long-term strategy was to move to a true public cloud platform with a single interface and open APIs for tight CRM integration and PCI compliance, which we couldn’t accommodate with our old system.”


  • Improved process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better agility and disaster recovery
  • Faster onboarding of new recruits
  • Increased control and freedom for IT to innovate

After seeing and comparing Genesys Cloud CX with similar cloud products, our conclusion was there was nothing to touch it.

Rebekah Avill, Head of Commercial Systems, JPIMedia

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  • Boost sales and marketing campaigns
  • Improve business insight and productivity

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