Transforming service operations for dramatically improved results

Datamétrica, headquartered in Recife, Brazil, has 5,000 employees and offers contact center and other business services. In its outsourcing segment in Brazil, Datamétrica has two contact center sites that deliver front line assistance in sales, collections, service desk, and customer care—including back-office support to analyze and monitor service request resolution.

Datamétrica partnered with Genesys to introduce Genesys Workload Management into a 120-seat back-office operation. This operation’s 15 teams of 320 technical agents handle technical issue resolution for more than 390,000 service requests per month from the triple-play consumers of a large Brazilian telecommunications company.


  • Definition of skill for employees
  • Unproductive time dropped from 43 minutes to none
  • Better and assertive monitoration
  • Enhanced customer experience


  • Automating manual tasks
  • Gaining greater workload visibility
  • Increasing workforce utilization
  • Improving KPIs

We were confident with the right software solution that we would be able to align the power of our people and leadership to resolve our service problems. With Genesys, we are succeeding every day in improving operational performance, and providing our customers with the best possible service.

Alberto Porto, Executive Director, DATAMETRICA