Creating an exceptional customer experience with unified omnichannel systems

With 6,000 agents and service centers in over 40 countries, Lenovo has improved customer experience, data capture and insight. Digital innovation with Salesforce, mobile app and web chat integration have resulted in fewer abandoned calls, shorter wait times and an 85% uplift in satisfaction ratings.

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85% increase

in customer satisfaction rate

Improved customer engagement

with a unified omnichannel platform

Enhanced agent visibility

strengthens the customer journey

80% boost

in voice SLA

Growth and acquisitions create silos

Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing and Morrisville, North Carolina. They design, develop, manufacture and sell personal computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software and smart TVs. Lenovo is the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, with annual sales revenue that exceeds $43 billion.

In 2005, Lenovo made several acquisitions, including the IBM personal computer business, Intel-based server business and Motorola mobile phone handset business. They also set up joint ventures to provide network-attached storage solutions. But with massive product lines and extensive geographic coverage, Lenovo needed to integrate different operation platforms, break down silos and build a unified customer experience to support their business transformation and become the icon of the IT industry.

Omnichannel unifies systems to create an exceptional customer experience

Lenovo operates customer service centers in over 40 countries and in more than 40 languages; their 6,000 agents serve both consumers and business users. The customer experience service supports online shopping, product consulting, order processing and payment checking, as well as various hotlines for post-sale services.

In 2007, Lenovo equipped their global call centers with the Genesys Voice Platform, which integrates TDM with Genesys T-server. In 2014, they upgraded their legacy systems throughout Asia, Europe, North America and South America to Genesys SIP solutions. And, in 2017, Lenovo implemented Genesys solutions to integrate mobile apps and web chat with mobile callback capabilities throughout their facilities in China.

When customers browse the Lenovo service web page to contact an agent to report a problem with their PC, they can click to make a web call. If the line is busy, they can schedule a call back in 15 minutes. This feature improves customer experience and saves costs.

Over the years, Lenovo implemented several Genesys solutions, including callback, IVR mobile engagement and the Gplus Adaptor for Salesforce/SAP CRM systems. Lenovo also uses Genesys Interactive Insights for reporting the Interaction Workspace for disaster recovery and Genesys Pulse to obtain real-time contact center statistics.

To execute their customer experience vision, Lenovo launched a digital transformation to modernize their architecture and methodology. Upgrading the call center to an omnichannel customer experience center is a key piece of that digital transformation.

The customer service center uses a combination of on-premises, cloud and outsourced models to give agents a single omnichannel desktop that efficiently delivers exceptional service. The sophisticated multichannel engagement combines voice, webchat, email, mobile applications and social media.

The contact center also supports the Lenovo eBusiness system and connects with back-office systems such as SAP and Oracle. Integration with Skype for Business gives contact center agents support from back-office employees. And because the Genesys platform seamlessly integrates with their Salesforce system, Lenovo agents can dial the customer directly using and record all engagements.

Genesys Workforce Management enables Lenovo to organize employee resources, predict business traffic, monitor agents in various locations and optimize their skill sets. The contact center leader at Lenovo can run various standard or customized reports and automate data feeds into their customer experience dashboard, giving them real-time insights into the complete customer journey.

Together, Lenovo and Genesys can orchestrate the right journey for each customer using business rules and full context, such as recognizing the personal background of a customer with an inbound call number and predicting their needs from the channel database. With full visibility across the journey, agents can guide customers from start to finish — with no loss of expertise from agent to agent. Lenovo can scale insights across regions or globally to consistently provide excellent journeys.

At a glance

Customer: Lenovo

Industry: IT

Location: China and USA

Company size: 55,000 employees worldwide


  • Complicated multivendor platform integration
  • Needed to build omnichannel customer experience to support future development