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FE CREDIT is a leading Southeast Asian unsecured consumer lender with 53% market share in Vietnam. It has developed a 9,000-strong partner ecosystem with 13,000 points of sales (POS) locations to serve the substantial unbanked population of Vietnam with monthly income more than VND3 million.

FE CREDIT relies on customer-centricity as its singular value proposition to increase market share and maintain its leadership position. FE CREDIT has 4,500 agents utilizing the Genesys solution and is keen to digitize its legacy platform to personalize customer communication, increase response times, enhance convenience across customer touch points, and improve security.

The company’s legacy contact center technology created bottlenecks for staff in managing customer interaction channels. It had no provision for real-time monitoring to prioritize requests while its incoherent dialing process led to ineffective workforce management. The FE CREDIT legacy systems required multiple logins to access the system, resulting in considerable time wastage. An agent could not open and work on various applications simultaneously while unmanaged wait times increased the probability of dropped calls. Troubleshooting was also arduous, often involving taking down the entire system.


  • 85-90% increase in service levels
  • 85-89% increase in CSAT
  • 30% increase in connection rates
  • 100% reduction in ringing and waiting times for outbound calls

Our entire focus is on the customer. We want the customer to be able to access their information across all available channels anytime, anywhere they want – on the website, on the mobile app or even chat to us, 24/7.

Nguyễn Thanh Sơn Head of Customer Service FE CREDIT


  • Innovate and digitize legacy contact center platform
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Improve customer experience

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