Fast, easy lending to millions of unbanked customers

FE Credit suffered because agents could not juggle tasks and apps, while unmanaged wait times increased the probability of dropped calls. Those problems have been erased and replaced with 90% service levels, a 89% improvement in customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and 30% more outbound connections.

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85-90% increase

in service levels

85-89% increase


30% increase

in connection rates

100% reduction

in ringing and waiting times for outbound calls

1.7 million

outbound calls per day

200% increase in inbound

calls with over 10,000 calls per day

Improving customer experience via a digital-first approach

FE Credit was founded as the consumer finance division of Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank). In 2015, it transformed all its consumer finance operations into a newly established independent company, branding it as FE Credit and serving over 10 million customers.

Today, FE Credit is a leading Southeast Asia unsecured consumer lender with a 53% market share in Vietnam. It has developed a 9,000-strong partner ecosystem with 13,000 point-of-sales locations to serve the substantial unbanked population of Vietnam with monthly income more than VND3 million.

FE Credit relies on customer-centricity as its singular value proposition to increase market share and maintain its leadership position. FE Credit has 4,500 agents utilizing the Genesys™ platform and wants to digitize its legacy platform to personalize customer communication, increase response times, enhance convenience across customer touchpoints and improve security.

Our entire focus is on the customer. We want the customers to be able to access their information across all available channels anytime, anywhere they want – on the website, on the mobile app or even chat to us, 24/7.

— Nguyễn Thanh Sơn, Head of Customer Service, FE Credit

Delivering superior agent productivity

The company’s legacy contact center technology created bottlenecks for staff in managing customer interaction channels. It had no provision for real-time monitoring to prioritize requests, while its incoherent dialing process led to ineffective workforce management. The FE Credit legacy systems required multiple logins, resulting in considerable wasted time. An agent could not open and work on various applications simultaneously, while unmanaged wait times increased the probability of dropped calls. Troubleshooting was also painstaking, often involving taking down the entire system.

The Genesys platform has allowed FE Credit to proactively monitor agent performance in real time, enabling it to maximize operating efficiencies with reduced wait times and dropped-call rates. As a result of the solution, FE Credit has increased its customer connect probability score by 30%, helping agents increase their productivity in catering to the growing demands of customers. Genesys workforce management also enables FE Credit to forecast inbound call volumes based on historical data and suggest agent headcounts by intervals for automatic scheduling. Its easy-to-use interface enables agents to shift between applications seamlessly, eliminating multiple login requirements.

Enabling an omnichannel customer experience

FE Credit previously relied on multiple systems operating in silos to serve its customers. Before the Genesys solution was integrated, FE Credit was using two contact centers for different purposes. One was for customer services inbound IVR, and the other for collection outbound auto-dialer campaigns. Deployment of Genesys has seamlessly integrated multiple FE Credit channels into a single unified system.

Genesys has enabled FE Credit to transform its communication channel strategy from disparate inbound IVR and outbound auto-dialer campaigns into a streamlined 360-degree omnichannel approach. It allows inbound and outbound calls, email, web and mobile, as well as social media channels using Facebook Messenger on an integrated single agent desktop application. The system also provides detailed reports on service rates, operation activities and agent productivity.

Banking on the voice of the customer

The FE Credit business model is moving towards greater diversification as it seeks to acquire new customers and increase market share. As business demands evolve in the intensely competitive market, the organization needs to ensure highly personalized customer experiences supported by an agile infrastructure that can meet the diverse needs of the business.

Genesys provides FE Credit with an on-premises solution powered by built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning engines. The solution is enabling FE Credit to obtain valuable insights about customer demand, based on which the system intelligently routes the customer to the agent with the right skill sets to handle specific situations. All touchpoints created along the journey become seamlessly integrated into their CRM system for further analysis.

In the future, FE Credit plans to maintain a consolidated unified communication stack by migrating to Genesys Cloud™.

At a glance

Customer: FE Credit

Industry: Financial services

Location: Vietnam

Company size: 17,500 employees

Contact center: 4,500 agents


  • Innovate and digitize legacy contact center platform
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Improve customer experience