Improving customer experiences with cognitive interaction

Vivo is the leading quadruple-play provider in Brazil, providing mobile, TV, internet and fixed telephony services. Today, the company is the largest operator in the country with more than 90 million customers and 17,000 concurrent agents.

In 2015, Vivo completed the acquisition of a company called GVT to expand its portfolio and gain greater market penetration. Each company in the group brought its own platform to interact with customers, operating in 30 sites distributed throughout the country.

“We had a fragmented technological infrastructure that created many inefficiencies, in addition to being a complex scenario for problem solving,” says Rafael Grottoli, IT Director at Vivo. “We needed to unify customer management and expand our service offering with a technology partner that was up to the challenge.”


  • $1.5 million-plus reduction in annual platform support costs
  • Over 90% customer satisfaction rate
  • 20% reduction in contact center staffing and reassignment to higher-value positions
  • 22% management of pre-paid calls using a virtual assistant
  • Faster response to customer inquiries

Of the companies we evaluated, Genesys proved to be the most technologically mature provider and the one that offered us the best acquisition model, so it was selected.

Rafael Grottoli, IT Director, Vivo

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  • Update fragmented and obsolete technological infrastructure
  • Unify the customer experience, regardless of the point of contact
  • Reduce costs associated with maintaining legacy systems
  • Implement AI strategies to personalize interactions
  • Supply customers with new built-in digital channels

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