Ticketing leader transforms service with AI

With thousands of events on its website, See Tickets was struggling to keep up with customer inquiries and provide accurate information. After implementing the Genesys DX™ offering, a chatbot handles 95% of its inquiries — significantly reducing the number of inbound calls. Now, See Tickets can provide better, more cost-effective customer support at scale.

95% of inquiries

answered with no human interaction

Significant cost savings

with drop in calls

Improved accuracy

and speed of answer

Simple setup

and intuitive interface

We are committed to the best in client and customer service. With Genesys DX, our customers get accurate and consistent information that has been prequalified by our team.

Rob Wilmshurst

Chief Executive Officer

See Tickets

See Tickets, an international ticketing service based in the UK, sells and distributes millions of tickets for concerts, theater performances, festivals, comedy shows and lifestyle events. At any given time, there are around 40,000 events listed on its website. Its customer service team had been responsible for answering an extensive range of queries on these wide-ranging events. And, as a result, its call centers were under enormous pressure.

“It was labor-intensive, costly and — with over 40,000 events on sale — it was almost impossible for our staff to know every detail about every event from a customer service perspective,” said Rob Wilmshurst, CEO of See Tickets.

To handle customer inquiries at scale and improve their customer experience, the company began exploring artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Seeing the possibilities of AI

See Tickets had never used AI before, but the nature of the challenge made the need for automation clear. Wilmshurt’s team was introduced to Genesys DX through a live demonstration of the AI-powered customer engagement platform. Before long, the team began to understand how it could use Genesys DX — and the cost savings it could offer.

“Within minutes, we set up a few frequently asked questions and challenged the artificial intelligence with a range of sometimes deliberately stupid questions to see how the FAQ search responded,” said Wilmshurst. “It responded accurately, and we were immediately impressed. The interface is very simple to understand and gave us confidence this was a tool the existing call center and customer service staff could work with.”

As soon as See Tickets decided to introduce Genesys DX, it began implementing the solution and was pleased with the ease of use.

“The setup process was simple and intuitive and was deployed immediately to the customer service team without much effort from the technical parts of the business,” added Wilmshurst.

Improving service at scale

With its AI chatbot in place, See Tickets quickly noticed improvements in the efficiency of its customer service department. A dramatic reduction in calls soon resulted in significant cost savings. Since introducing Genesys DX, See Tickets has been able to respond to 95% of its inquiries with no human interaction at all. Additionally, the team immediately has far more time to focus on customer queries that require human intervention — enabling them to provide the best in customer service without the time pressures that had previously made their roles difficult.

Customers have also benefited from the chatbot. The accuracy of information has improved, along with the speed at which customers can access it. And the company has been able to provide consistent advice, with its team pre-qualifying every answer.

AI hasn’t just helped with fielding customer inquiries. The technology also works harmoniously alongside See Tickets staff, supporting the team and providing the data needed to power growth. The real-time insights of Genesys DX have enabled the team at See Tickets to access invaluable information on how customers receive answers — and the accuracy and usefulness of those automated answers.

In some cases, the dashboards have acted as an early warning system, helping See Tickets manage issues with improved efficiency, establish resolutions quickly and update content for immediate impact. As a result, the chatbot’s breadth and quality of knowledge gets increasingly better over time.

At a glance

Customer: See Tickets

Industry: Entertainment

Location: UK

Company size: Over 460 employees


  • Increasing calls and mounting time pressures
  • Expensive, labor-intensive contact center
  • Difficult for agents to give accurate information about events


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