Cielo jumpstarts a channel revolution with Genesys

One of the top-five card payment platforms in the world, Brazil-based Cielo, keeps the country’s economy moving. They enable businesses of all sizes—sole traders, family run firms, large companies and multinational market leaders—to simplify purchasing and realize sales. Processing about eight billion card transactions annually, Cielo accounts for almost 10% of Brazil’s gross domestic product.

After speaking with several Genesys customers, Cielo put their trust in the Genesys™ solution. Designed for seamless omnichannel engagement, the Genesys contact center brings mobile, web, social, email and voice interactions into a universal queue that the company can manage from a single desktop. This helps Cielo advisors track customer journeys in real time; built-in analytics capabilities enable them to deliver superior and personalized service.


  • Expanded service to more than 20 channels
  • Raised customer satisfaction
  • Improved agent performance and contact center agility


  • Offer frictionless omnichannel services on the customer’s terms
  • Increase agility while lowering costs

Our main goal is to help our customers prosper. Now, they can reach us more easily and our advisors resolve their issues faster.

Nicolas Wsevolojskoy, Director, Cielo