Customer service provider with long history transforms into a digital service champion

A recent study on digital transformation by the Düsseldorf municipal savings bank, Düsseldorfer Stadtsparkasse, found that regular reviews of the business models are common practice among small and medium enterprises in that region. That sounds promising, but there’s a downside. The study also revealed that too few organizations use their findings to transform their businesses and prepare for the future—even though bold enterprises like tel-inform clearly demonstrate the competitive advantages of early engagement in digital age innovation.

Founded in 1846 as a coal, timber and building supplies merchant, tel-inform shifted their focus in 1996 to providing phone-based sales support and customer service. The family-owned business now places special emphasis on two factors. The first is the extremely high quality and pronounced individuality of their customer-facing services, internal processes and employee relations. Second is the intelligent use of leading-edge technology like the Genesys™ solution to support and enable future-oriented processes.


  • 25% reduction in average handle time
  • 17% increase in agent utilization
  • Efficiency gains through automated skills-based routing
  • Deep integration with Salesforce and other CRM systems


  • Inflexibility of systems
  • Inability to meet increasing complexity
  • Need to reduce average handling time
  • Deep integration with different CRM systems, including Salesforce
  • Lack of transparency in monitoring and reporting

Since we started using Genesys, our average handle times have decreased by 25.58%. This is because our expectations were met and we managed to automate numerous processes that formerly required considerable manual effort.”

Bernhard Sack, Managing Director of tel-inform