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Meeting diverse customer demands with flexibility and ease

Releasy, which started in Linköping, Sweden, in 1984, is an outsourcing company that offers services within customer service and sales. Since 2007, the company has served small and medium-sized businesses in the telecom, energy, newspaper publishing, and media markets. As a goal, the company works with their customers to drive development in the customer service industry, primarily focusing on cost-effectiveness and increased customer value.

The previous system Releasy used was costly and time-consuming; making changes in the system and the work process were not as smooth and flexible as the company wanted. The contact center operations at Releasy are relatively complex—an agent can interact with three or four different clients simultaneously, on three different channels. Most agents serve nine queues. And because Releasy had about 27 different clients, they required flexibility.

They wanted the ability to easily distribute calls, email, and chat, but the legacy system didn’t allow them to make changes or customizations. They had to order most changes from the supplier, which increased costs and took time. This prompted Releasy to look for a new system that could better handle the complexity. Additionally, they wanted a simpler and faster way to retrieve data and build reports.


  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Tailored system for specific and complex needs
  • Access to specific reports for customer follow-up


With several clients in various industries, agents needed to handle different channels and queues simultaneously. Agents also wanted more detailed reporting, as well as the opportunity to easily make changes in the system.

The best thing about the PureConnect platform is the flexibility—it’s easy to adapt to our relatively complex business. It’s a simple system that’s incredibly easy to handle.

Johan Fordell, Chief Executive Officer, Releasy

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