Revenue recovery firm achieves pinpoint accuracy

In Brazil, the purchase of non-performing loans (NPL) is a thriving US$ 10-billion market. Financial services company RCB leads the way in collecting debts and returning capital to banks and creditors. Riding on the leading NPL servicing platform from RCB, these activities span products like cards, loans, overdrafts and mortgages.

RCB transformed customer engagement with a sustained innovation program. They reclaimed contact center operations from an external partner and consolidated them onto a single platform built on Genesys technology.

Greater control of dialer databases, account selection and campaign management provided a solid base on which RCB could build. Additionally, the Genesys solution has provided the company with a competitive advantage, enabling more right-party contacts (RPC) and genuine opportunities for negotiators to speak with customers.


  • 150% increase in agent productivity
  • Three times boost in revenue collections over two years
  • Improved right-party contacts from 12 to 30 per day, per agent
  • Fewer than 1% calls reach an answering machine
  • 62% reduction in queue times


  • Optimize agent performance and revenue recovery
  • Reach more customers at the right time—on the right channel

We knew how important it was to reach the customer first time. Every missed connection was another drain on productivity. Now, we don’t have this problem.

Marco AC Mattos, Executive Director of Business Intelligence, Analysis and Strategy, RCB