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Otkritie Group

Improving customer service with call center unification and next-generation IVR capabilities

Otkritie Group, one of Russia’s largest private financial corporations, offers services that include banking, investment banking, brokerage and insurance services, as well as asset management. Before unifying operations, each company within the group had a separate call center that ran on its own process platform. As of today, seven companies within the group that are separate legal entities use the services of this unified call center.

The previous platform had its own solution for managing the call center and telephony that included recording and quality monitoring systems as well as other standard tools. These disparate call centers were spread across different regions and used different software. There were no harmonized customer service solutions.

“We intended to create a single call center that would ensure continuity and seamlessness in customer experience, and guarantee manageability of the technological process,” said Sergey Rusanov, Member of the Board and CIO at Otkritie Bank. “We had prior experience working with Genesys and, from this experience and the tender results, we could see that, unlike the competitors, Genesys was able to offer a solution that would cover all of our needs with Genesys Multicloud CX.”

An up-to-date unified platform was needed to implement innovations. The Genesys Multicloud CX™ solution made it possible for Otkritie Group to implement a holistic development strategy, promote and launch new services and functions simultaneously, and allowed all companies within the group to scale as needed.


  • 24.4% use of self-service capabilities
  • Call center unification
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Creation of new service channels
  • Personalization through chat and IVR

We wanted to harmonize the call center and customer interaction processes, reduce the internal support and vendor support expenses, optimize the IT landscape, tune up the data exchange processes inside the call center, and enhance the customer service. All these tasks were solved with the help of Genesys solutions.

Sergey Rusanov, Member of the Board and CIO, Otkritie Bank

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  • Unify disjointed call center operations and business processes
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Lower platform development and support costs
  • Increase the number of service channels
  • Give customers an easy-to-use IVR