Optimind Winter

Cloud-based platform eliminates customer experience risk

Rigid, expensive-to-maintain telephony made it hard for Optimind Winter to adapt as customers sought a more convenient, digital and personal experience. Now, with the Genesys Cloud™ platform, the business no longer suffers from IT outages, ensuring calls aren’t missed.

Supervisors manage traffic queues in real time, while agents easily transfer calls or share expertise via chat messaging. Clients spend less time waiting and receive service faster, which has led to a significant reduction in complaints.

The cloud-based platform also enables the company to accelerate innovation as it looks to build a better dashboard to manage KPIs and proactively offer agent assistance when customers visit its website.


  • 90% of customer interactions completed within five minutes, compared to 75% previously
  • 100% service uptime, leading to significant reduction in complaints
  • Greater skill and knowledge-sharing among agents


  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction levels
  • Create future omnichannel innovation roadmap


The nice thing about Genesys Cloud is that it’s intuitive. So, there was no need for intensive agent training or bulky user guides. Everyone quickly adapted to the new tools.

Thibaud Hagerm, Director of Employee Benefits, Optimind Winter