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Values experience, quality and innovation in serving mobile customers

Núcleo, a major telecommunications company, has over two million satisfied customers and more than 15 years experience in the Paraguayan market. For Núcleo, innovation is instrumental not only in achieving success, but in sustaining it.

The company recently took the decision to separate themselves from the telephony hardware used in their contact center and directed efforts at optimizing a new SIP technology solution. After the implementation of the SIP solution, Núcleo improved productivity and efficiency in handling voice calls. Besides the voice product, Núcleo reliably uses other products that add value, mainly integration with SMS, which is one of their most important services. they also take advantage of web and email interactions.


  • 100% of calls recorded
  • Cross-referencing with the instant results of automatic surveys to identify any problems quickly, allowing actions to be taken within a few minutes
  • Attention rating controlled in real time
  • Significant savings in operating and maintenance costs


  • Providing a positive customer experience from first contact
  • Expanding its portfolio of innovative service offerings
  • Integrating the widest range of channels, including text messages, email, web and social media
  • Migrating the contact center to a SIP-based solution

Personal focuses on the customer experience. A positive customer experience with the company is a priority, which is why we are constantly looking to innovate and transform through the use of cutting-edge technology to provide solutions to customers from first contact.

Carmen Malgarejo, Contact Center Manager, Núcleo - Personal Paraguay

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