Nordea Bank

Nordea Bank innovation grows digital connections, enabling customers to make contact on their terms

Nordea Bank is on a journey of sustained innovation. Workforce optimization, speech recognition, advanced call routing, chat and email, were all part of the transition to a Genesys™ contact center. Removing the need for agents to switch between different screens made service faster and friendlier.

The latest advance has created more digital connections. Now, customers can enjoy a confidential, personalized video call from the comfort of their homes — removing the cost and hassle of traveling to the branch.

With a growing social media audience, agents can detect when customers browse the Nordea Bank Facebook page to quickly intercept common requests. By simply providing a link, the agent switches the conversation to instant messaging, where they can talk safely one on one.


  • Closely align service with customer expectations
  • Video banking eliminates the need for branch visits
  • Social media supports new business and future growth


  • Simplify and grow digital connections with customers

We believe customers should be able to contact us on their own terms—choosing where, when and how.

Jonas Björkman, Product Owner, Nordea Bank