Keeping the travel industry on the move is a disruptive start-up that was founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi. Powered by a proprietary algorithm, has created the planet’s largest local flights database, allowing customers to choose from 750 million flight combinations. is now one of the world’s fastest-expanding online travel platforms—with more than 2,100 staff and 8,400 daily bookings.

Behind the scenes, however, that meteoric business growth placed increasing demands on the company’s contact center in Brno, in the Czech Republic. With legacy on-premises infrastructure stretched to the limit, it was hard to add agents and features. Tracking basic metrics, such as average handle times and agent productivity, wasn’t possible. Downtime also became more frequent.

After a rigorous evaluation process, chose the Genesys CloudTM platform, designed and installed by local contact center specialist Kerv. “Moving to a cloud-based solution offered obvious benefits, such as better scalability, mobility and resilience,” explained Kamil Jagodziński. “Plus, it was commercially attractive because we escaped paying equipment maintenance.”


  • Doubled sales year over year without increasing costs and headcount
  • Significant gains in case management, handle time and first call resolution
  • Ability to adapt resources and service to events as they change
  • Increased efficiency through agent multitasking
  • Improved visibility and access to metrics

Moving to a cloud-based solution offered obvious benefits such as better scalability, mobility and resilience.

Kamil Jagodziński, Chief Customer Officer,


  • Contact center couldn’t keep up with growth
  • Poor visibility and tracking of metrics
  • Frequent downtime