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Enabling a seamless customer experience

To provide a more seamless payment process for customers and deflect repetitive questions, Intuit Mint turned to the Genesys DX™ solution. As a result, it reduced its contact center volume by nearly 50% and drastically reduced wait times. Customers now have an effortless payment experience, and Mint can provide customized responses.

Nearly 50% reduction

in call center volume


wait times

More time dedicated

to revenue-generating activities

Genesys DX diminished our call center volume by almost half, freeing up our account managers to focus on revenue generating projects as opposed to resolving repetitive issues that were easily solvable with the Genesys DX platform. Implementing Genesys DX into the most sensitive part of our website — our payments pages — reveals our trust in their services.

Ori Wainshtein

Customer Care Leader

Intuit Mint


Intuit Mint empowers consumers to reach their money goals with personalized insights, custom budgets and more — all for free. Ninety percent of Mint clients are new users who require high engagement.

The Mint bill payment feature helps people easily see and pay their bills in one place, so they never miss a payment. Mint sought to enhance its bill payment capabilities to:

  • Assist customers with payments for an easy process
  • Deflect repetitive questions while seamlessly escalating more complex issues
  • Free up teams to focus on revenue-generating activities


Genesys DX was exclusively implemented on the “Payments” section of web pages for Mint clients. Mint easily segmented its visitors to provide contextually relevant answers based on their journeys.


Using a robust Genesys DX rechanneling strategy, Mint provided engagements by efficiently escalating the appropriate queries and accurately guiding new users throughout their journeys. This reduced call center volume by nearly 50%, which directly affected the wait time to reach an agent.

At a glance

Customer: Intuit Mint

Industry: Financial services

Location: United States


  • High contact center volumes with repetitive questions
  • Need to segment customers based on level of service required


Genesys DX