Transforms their customer experience with Genesys

ICICI Bank is India’s largest private-sector bank. This well-respected financial institution has a network of 4,050 branches and 12,475 ATMs across the country. Until now, the bank’s contact centers operated in silos according to the specific channel they managed, which resulted in inconsistent customer experiences and increased service costs. Facing stiff competition from the large, nationalized banks in India, it was critical for ICICI Bank to boost their competitive advantage by enhancing their business processes and the overall customer experience.

Genesys helped ICICI Bank replace their old system with the comprehensive GenesysTM solution to offer a single routing and reporting system and provide a universal view for managing interactions across multiple channels. This scalable application now orchestrates customer information gathered from all channels in an omnichannel agent desktop, providing agents with a full picture of each customer’s previous interactions with the bank.


  • Holistic and transparent view of customer interactions
  • 10% increase in customer satisfaction, from 65% to 75%
  • 15% improvement in agent productivity
  • Simplified operational processes and optimized workflow
  • Reduced TCO


  • Siloed customer interaction channels
  • Increased competition
  • Limited efficiencies and business processes within the contact center

Not only has Genesys enabled us to consolidate our previously disconnected channels into an integrated platform, it has considerably reduced the total cost of ownership for our company. We strive to provide the best experiences for our customers and look forward to continuing to build our brand with Genesys in the future.

Krishnan Govindan, Head of Customer Service, ICICI Bank