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Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group

Maximizes agent performance and revenue with speech analytics

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group (HRRG) is a division of TeamHealth, one of the largest suppliers of outsourced professional staffing and administrative services to US hospitals and healthcare providers. HRRG works closely with clients and their patients to find fast, favorable resolutions to payment problems, helping to improve cash flow while preserving positive patient relations.

HRRG deployed Speech Analytics within the Genesys Multicloud CXTM solution to maximize revenue recovery by optimizing agent performance and patient experience. HRRG identified their top and bottom performing agents in terms of revenue collected. Then, Speech Analytics identified the skills that differentiated agent performance, revealing that top performers utilized specific techniques much more often than bottom performers.

To leverage this information, HRRG implemented some business process adjustments. Training, coaching, and self-learning programs were refocused on the skills that Speech Analytics had identified as critical to success. The skills were not just taught but also practiced in role plays and evaluated with real customer calls during training, coaching and self-learning sessions until the agents became very proficient with them.

In the first few months after training, phone payments increased by 33%. This contributed to a dramatic increase in collections revenue which exceeded expectation by 20% or an additional $3,234 per agent per month.


  • Maximum impact skills identified
  • Training, coaching and self-learning refocused on key skills
  • More than 13% improvement of key skill usage prompted 32.5% more phone payments
  • Actual revenue was 20% more on average per month than expected revenue after the training and skills ramp-up period—a 20% improvement that translated to an additional $3,234 in collected revenue per agent per month


  • Needed a more cost-effective, systematic way to monitor and assess agent performance
  • Unable to identify which agent skills were crucial to these goals or measure skills usage
  • Wanted to increase collections revenue and phone payment rate

Speech Analytics enables HRRG to measure and monitor agent performance on every call, in exactly the same way for each agent, which was impossible for us to do previously using traditional methods.

David Friedlander, President, HRRG