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Innovating to drastically improve agent performance and drive customer satisfaction

As one of Russia’s leading national telecom services providers, ER-Telecom operates in 566 cities and offers a comprehensive package of voice and data services, including landline telephony, broadband internet and cable TV offerings. Presently, the company controls about 13% of the cable TV market and 12% of the broadband internet access market in Russia.

Customer migration — from voice to digital communication channels — is an obvious trend. To keep in line with customer expectations, ER-Telecom embraced an omnichannel customer experience strategy. The main goal was to meet the rising demand for an omnichannel experience and reduce the expenses of running customer service on digital channels.

“We aim to provide our customers with a compelling customer experience leading to complete problem resolution, on any channel,” said Evgeny Chugaev, Head of B2B Product Development at ER-Telecom. “That’s why we planned to build an omnichannel ecosystem that would be able to empower our agents, boost their performance, automate critical business processes and let us introduce even more automation in the future.”


  • 85% increase in the number of customer requests an agent can handle simultaneously — up to four requests per agent
  • 400% rise in use of digital channels
  • 20% decrease in customer request resolution costs
  • 100% rise in requests handled by agents per shift

We’ve chosen the Genesys offering for its rich capabilities, the simplicity of implementation, flexibility and seamless CRM integration support. Genesys solutions have met our demands in the best possible way.

Evgeny Chugaev, Head of B2B Product Development, ER-Telecom


  • Poor quality of customer experience in digital channels
  • Lack of digital channels to create seamless customer experience
  • High costs of customer request resolution in digital channels
  • Poor overall performance of the digital contact center