Dutch Lottery

Applying a functional, flexible platform to increase customer satisfaction

Dutch Lottery is the leading provider of games of chance in the Netherlands. Receiving half a million calls per year, the company needed a solution that was scalable with a fast deployment. The Genesys CloudTM platform was the answer for the thriving company. With the quick Genesys Cloud deployment cycle, Dutch Lottery was up and running with the platform in just one month. Utilizing Genesys solutions, including workforce management, enabled Dutch Lottery to better understand the company’s data to help make better decisions.

Since implementing the Genesys Cloud solution over a year ago, Dutch Lottery noticed increased satisfaction for both their employees and their customers. “I can’t imagine working without Genesys Cloud anymore,” said Suraj Kalpoe, Customer Service Representative at Dutch Lottery. “It tells you a lot about your performance — what you’re doing, as well as how you rate in your work.”


  • Improved agent efficiency
  • Increased scalability
  • Fast deployment of contact center solution

Within one month, we were able to set up the platform, connect it and go live. Now, we’ve been using it to everyone’s satisfaction for over a year and a half.

Dirk Jan Verdonk, WFM Manager, Dutch Lottery


  • Improve overall experience internally and externally
  • Lack of business efficiency
  • Insufficient business intelligence data