De Persgroep

Delivering customer service in an efficient and measurable way

De Persgroep is a leading publisher in the Netherlands with 167 national, regional and local papers. Delivering millions of newspapers a day results in many customer contact moments for their customer service department. After merging with Wegener in 2015, their customer service department doubled in size and locations, requiring the publishing company to find a platform that was scalable enough to connect all sites into one virtual contact center.

De Persgroep chose the Genesys PureConnect™ solution because of the flexibility, scalability and stability that it offers. Agents now are able resolve customer inquiries during the first contact and work more efficiently because of the shorter queue times. PureConnect provided De Persgroep with a seamless customer experience on one open platform, as well as constant innovation to make them future proof.


  • 85% of customer interactions are automated
  • Increased visibility into agent performance
  • Increased scalability
  • Shorter queue times
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Genesys PureConnect gives us stability and ensures all interactions always reach us. We have confidence in the platform, because so much is invested in innovation and development.

Michael Waalwijk, Product Owner Ominchannel Squad, De Persgroep


  • Monitoring agent activity
  • Merging of two systems
  • Lack of agent efficiency