A journey to digitization

Cetelem, a consumer credit company and part of the BNP Paribas group, is a leader in the global financial industry. With over 50 years of experience in the credit market, Cetelem has been in Brazil since 1998. It offers a wide portfolio of cards from the largest retailers in the country, in addition to a series of credit solutions, including personal and payroll loans, financing, insurance, and assistance services.

Cetelem started its digital transformation four years ago to overcome a technology gap in the contact center. The company began its search for a provider to help achieve its vision of an integrated omnichannel experience for customers. With the belief that offering a better experience to its customers would also lead to better financial results, Cetelem selected Genesys.

With Genesys, Cetelem can now offer its customers a fully digital journey and the communication channel of their choice. This has led to a better customer experience and higher Net Promoter Scores.


  • Increased NPS to 35
  • Fully digital customer journey
  • Omnichannel capabilities

We looked for a partner that could bring us a vision of omnichannel and integrated all those channels, so we could offer a better experience to our customers and Genesys was this partner. It was our choice and it was certainly the right choice.

Ayres Neto, Head of Digital, BNP Paribas | Cetelem


  • Lack of communication channels for customers
  • Low NPS
  • Outdated technology created a poor customer experience