CAPITAL Card Service

Gets performance boost with all-in-one communications solution

As a servicer of credit card accounts, CAPITAL needed reliable, flexible and full-featured contact center communications—not only for their business users but for the financial institutions they service. CAPITAL was delivering quality service on legacy equipment; they saw an opportunity to enhance their contact center systems and pave the way for future growth and digital contact channels, such as email and web chat.

CAPITAL has 200 contact center agents at two South Dakota sites that received a total of 500,000 inbound calls a month. They handled both inbound and outbound calls, and provided self-service through IVR. To manage their contact centers, CAPITAL used multiple incompatible telephony systems that created ongoing challenges with upgrades and expansion into new channels.

CAPITAL wanted a new contact center solution that had: multichannel routing and queuing, IVR functionality, recording and monitoring capabilities, sophisticated reporting features and an outbound dialer—all built on an IP telephony platform. They considered solutions from several vendors, but the Genesys PureConnect™ application was the only IP-based contact center solution running on a single platform that had all the features CAPITAL required.


  • Simplifies rollout of new capabilities with a single solution
  • Frees supervisors to work with agents and give performance feedback
  • Provides visibility to easily identify ways to improve performance


  • Replace multiple telephony products with a single solution that adds quality monitoring and multichannel capabilities to support future expansion.

From a coaching perspective, the ability to record and monitor calls has been a tremendous benefit. PureConnect is so easy to use, line supervisors can spend more time working with the agents and giving performance feedback.

Jill Point, Senior Vice President of Card Services