Bosch Service Solutions

Delivers one coherent experience across all channels

Bosch Service Solutions is a leading international supplier of Business Process Outsourcing solutions for complex, technology-driven services. The company develops, implements and operates new and innovative business models in cooperation with their clients.

In the Genesys Multicloud CX™ application, Bosch Service Solutions found a stable and global customer experience solution that scaled to meet their clients’ needs. The implementation, deployed across fifteen sites around the world, integrated various channels, including voice, email, social media and more. This has contributed to the growth of the business. Now, Bosch Service Solutions has more than 800 routing strategies and more than 4,000 agents working on the system, which simplifies the implementation of very complex services for their customers.


  • Platform integration for customer experience
  • Future-proof solution offers high scalability, quality and performance
  • 20% increase in outbound calls processed
  • 70% boost in inbound calls processed
  • 40% more email processed
  • 15% increase in routing rules for nearly 600 different routing strategies
  • New opportunities using chatbots, artificial intelligence, internet of things and automation

The implementation process was so successful that we decided to add further channels very shortly afterward, including chat, SMS, callback and social media.

Jörg Fischer, Technical Vice President (SO/TE), Bosch Service Solutions GmbH


  • Outdated systems that no longer meet company requirements
  • Lack of system reliability and performance

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